A teen boy learns about sex

This is the story of how Bill lost his virginity. As you can imagine it was an exciting experience for me. I was a scared nervous teen. I wanted it to happen but was frightened too. I hope you find it interesting. Most women feel embarrassed to get involved with younger guys. I sometimes wonder … Continue reading A teen boy learns about sex

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Across the Catty Corner

“Isn’t it love that keeps us breathing? Isn’t it love we’re sent here for?” Many of us pass our lives day to day, waking, dressing, washing, commuting, working, eating, sleeping, occasionally making love or having sex, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, but all too often experienced as a routine. We often lose sight of the idea … Continue reading Across the Catty Corner

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The Business Trip

We had known each other through a mutual good friend online, and since Dan was gay and me being devoutly bisexual, we figured we had a lot to talk about. So, after talking and even having a couple of “hot chats” online, we found ourselves actually working for the same software company. Looking back, I … Continue reading The Business Trip

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