Chapter & Worse – The Book Part 6

Previous Part Illiteracy Subdued – The Book Part 5 The airport was crowded. He’d chosen to fly at rush hour, with all the business travelers. This trip was the first he’d made in some time. His investments were beginning to pay off well. The money wasn’t exactly piling up, but he was doing well enough. … Continue reading Chapter & Worse – The Book Part 6

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Raping Teacher 2

It was now dark outside. Her parked car in the lot brought curiosity to the black caretaker. He knew it was Elaine’s car, as he often watched the beautiful and haughty teacher stroll to her car. She hardly gave him the time of day. Her smile to him in passing, made the black feel inferior. … Continue reading Raping Teacher 2

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The Case of the Frustrated Analyst – 5

Chapter Five – A Darker Side to My Mania The night before I barely stopped myself from ramming my dry hard pucker splitter into Alicia’s tender butt. Here we go again. Her fat boobs pushed together made twin peaked mountains of white flesh, a mushy tunnel for my thrusting dick. With my legs straddling her … Continue reading The Case of the Frustrated Analyst – 5

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