The Dentist

Judy Parslow was ten minutes early for her appointment. The petite mother of two was filled with anxiety as she thought of the painful root canal procedure that was recommended during her last visit.

She thought about Dr. Scott Franklin, her family’s dentist. Scott was a bachelor and somewhat handsome in a rugged way. A caring man that had a thriving practice and he was always so professional.

Soon, too soon, the receptionist called her name and she was led to Treatment Room 3, seated and draped by an assistant. Her X-rays, taken on the last visit, were placed in the viewer and an assortment of instruments, in a sterile towel was placed on the adjacent tray. Roxy, the Dental Assistant, made some small talk, asked about the children and left just as Dr. Franklin entered the room.

Judy was somewhat relieved when Dr. Franklin explained there would be minimum pain and discomfort. He was using a new drug, Scopalamine, which would be injected in her vein before surgery commenced. He explained that Scopalamine would cause her to forget the pain as soon as she felt it and it had none of the dazing side effects of drugs like sodium pentathol. She could go home unassisted as soon as he was finished.

“What a relief”; Judy thought.

With that, Dr. Franklin injected the drug in her vein. Judy felt a relaxing warmth spread through her body. She was soon in a dream like trance fully aware of her surroundings but she was unable to move a single muscle. Judy’s eyes were open and her head was tilted down so she could only see in front of her body and the floor.

Judy could see Scott Franklin’s hand as it moved up her thigh and under her dress. She could feel him caress her vaginal lips and clitoris through her panty crotch. She could feel her panties getting wet from the lubricant flowing from her vagina. Judy could see Scott’s hand as it unbuttoned the top of her dress and deftly removed her sensitive breasts from their restraining cups.

She could hear herself saying; “No, No, don’t touch me like that – stop it! Please don’t touch me there – please don’t, only my husband can touch me like that.”

But not a murmur escaped her lips. She could feel his warm, wet mouth gently sucking on her right breast, drawing on the round, pink nipple, sucking – oh so softly. At the same time she could see fingers squeezing and tweaking her left nipple.

A single finger wormed it’s way under the legband of her panty crotch. The same inquisitive finger touched her bare clitoris and sent a thrill up her belly. Judy closed her eyes and pretended the finger was that of her husband.

But no, this finger was caressing her inner lips, her clitoris and then tracing the outline of vaginal rim. No, this finger was far too sexy to be that of her husband Chuck. This finger was making her hot. Though she fought it, it was arousing her and make her want more.

She felt her head being tilted backwards and smooth lips pressed themselves against hers with a passionate kiss then her head fell forward to it’s original position. Judy saw large hands pushing her dress up until the hem was above her hips. One of these hands pulled her panty briefs away from her stomach while the other hand disappeared underneath and once again having it’s way with her throbbing, aroused clitoris.

Suddenly she felt her panties being tugged off her hips, down her thighs, calves and then off her shoes.

Now her legs were being pulled forward and warm hands spread her thighs. She could feel Scott’s fingers spreading her love cleft and then a marvelously wet tongue sought out and stimulated her quivering clitoris. The motion of the tongue was circular and the pressure was teasingly light.

Soon she felt lips surrounding that small appendage of flesh, sucking, pressing and taking her on a journey of sexual ecstasy. She had never been this aroused. In her marriage she had experienced only two orgasms in seven years. She knew the feeling of an orgasm and she also knew one was nearing – very rapidly.

As she sat there in this aroused state, she could see Scott remove his white smock, lower his pants and shorts then stroked his erect penis. At nine inches in length and thick as her wrist, it was the largest penis she had ever seen, much often felt inside her. It was almost twice as large as her husband’s and the mere sight of such a large organ filled her with sexual anticipation.

Scott rubbed his penis over her pubic mound, pushed it downward into the valley of her pussy and caressed her clitoris with it’s head. Soon he pushed the head into her vaginal entrance and penetrated her only slightly. His penis was so large that it stretched her vagina and gave her a feeling of fullness. At the same time he commenced sucking her nipple again.

The effects of the drug were wearing off. Judy lifted her hips and pushed forward. This caused Scott’s penis to penetrate her fully. Scott began a rhythmic pumping action withdrawing and then pressing his penis fully inside Judy’s vagina. This action caused her small inner lips to pass over her swollen clitoris giving her the ultimate pleasure of sex. Almost immediately she exploded in orgasmic fury.

She screamed; “I’m commming Scott, Oh God I’m commmmming!”

Soon after her orgasmic throes subsided, she started to cry. Sobbing that the shame of her lust was unbearable and that her husband, Chuck, would surely discover her infidelity.

Scott tenderly kissed her tears away and explained it was not her fault, that he had seduced her while she was under the influence of a powerful drug. There was really no reason for anyone to know what had happened. Then Scott started pumping her again, very slowly. Judy began to respond as Scott lowered his head and suckled her nipple again. Soon the pace quickened and Judy could fell Scott’s penis jerking violently inside her as his semen left it’s head and entered her awaiting vagina.

The couple kissed tenderly for a few minutes then Judy surprised Scott by saying; “Can we do it again – please?” At last report, they met often at his office for very special treatments and no one was ever the wiser……

By: Bobby Lee

Categories: Erotic Stories, MILF Stories


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