Sex with Dad’s Friend

My name is Asia I’m of American Japanese descent I was 23 years old when this took place this is a true story that happened to me on July 4, of 1995.

A little about me I’m 5’6″ 119lbs, 30-19-24, light brown eyes, and long black slightly curly hair.

I live about 150 miles from my parents and they invited me to spend several days there for the forth. I excepted as I had not seen them in several months and I had nothing else to do. I had been working and going to school so this left very little time.

While I got my old room back and it was kind of fun being back home. The next day which was the 3, an old collage friend of my dad’s came by he just flew in and it turns out that he would be spending a few days here also. His name is Robert and when I was young he used to play with me all the time. Robert is in real good shape, he has always been in good shape since being on the football team in collage. It was real great seeing him again.

Later that day I was sitting down stairs waiting for something to do when Robert said he needed to go to the mall, I quickly spoke up saying that I would take him, that would be nice my dad said, Robert agreed also. I told Robert that I just need to change to go to the mall and would be right back.

I changed quickly into a Light green mini skirt just above mid-thigh, and Simi sheer blouse. I put on my white thigh highs, did my hair quickly and headed down stairs. I couldn’t help but notice how Robert looked at me as I walked down the stairs.

We got into the car and headed out seeing how we lived in the country the mall was several miles away so we had time to talk.

We talked about old times and that’s when I felt something touching my leg I casually looked down and noticed that he had his hand on the arm rest and his fingers were over the side just touching my leg at the top on my thigh highs.

I thought nothing of this but then I noticed that his fingers were making little circles on my leg. I started to get wet from his touch.

Then we were at the mall we walked and talked as we shopped he picked up the things he needed and bought me dinner.

On the way home he asked if I would show him some of the country I said sure. As we were driving his fingers went back to work then his hand moved to my thigh I think he was waiting for me to stop him but I couldn’t it felt good. His hand then moved up my leg and I found that my legs opened to allow him access. His hand would move up and down my thigh slowly then just gently touch my panties I knew they were wet.

Oh shit then his fingers started to slid up and down my panty covered slit I had to find a spot to stop. I was hot then I saw it an old barn it was dusk now and I pulled over behind the barn by this time his finger had moved under my panties.

I stopped the car and we kissed urgently then my hand found his hardness and I moved to unzip him. He opened the car door and got out before I could release his hard cock I followed him out of the car.

I came to him and knelt before him unzipping his pants reaching in I found his hard cock I moved my hand under his briefs and pulled it free his hard brown cock sprang from his pants and dripping his fluids as my tongue licked his pre-cum from the tip and my mouth opened and I took him in I almost came then and there. I was on fire lust was burning inside me. As my mouth worked up and down on his massive organ.

Oh yea baby suck it suck it yes. My right hand moved down and started to rub my wet pussy thru my panties my fingers slid under the leg hole and into my cunt shit I was going to cum I wanted it in me, I stopped sucking.

I got up and pulled my panties down and bent over the hood of the car come fuck me stick your hard cock into my pussy please I need it. He came up behind me lifted my skirt and I felt him move between my legs his hands went to my ass and I felt his cock slid down my ass cheeks touching my anus, OH it felt nice as it continued down and slid into my tight pussy it was wide open for him and I could feel my juices running down the insides of my legs.

He rammed his cock into me until his hips touched my ass OH YES FUCK YESS he pulled back and thrust forward again this time my ass pushed back to meet his forward thrust, OH FUCK it was wonderful.

He reached around me and took a tit in each hand and grabbed hold tight he started ramming his cock into me like a jack hammer, OH FUCK YES FUCK ME OH FUCK and I came like never before it was wonderful, he grabbed hold tighter to my tits and I felt him tense then I felt his hot cum shooting into my pussy it was so hot and wonderful it sent me into another orgasm.

He collapsed onto my back we were both spent and tired, he finely withdrew his shrinking cock from my pussy I turned and we kissed and held each other tight for several minutes before we dressed and headed back to my parents.

We both had to shower when we got home and avoid my parents we both smelled loudly of sex.

We never spent anymore time together and we don’t stay in contact. He’s married after all and loves his wife.

I think if we ever meet again like this we will definitely fuck again it was just so wonderful.

By: Asia

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