Club Med, Bora Bora – Part 4

She looked at me and said “You will Andrew. But all in good time. Besides I thought you liked to be teased.”

“Well I do. But I’ve been teased for the last two days and I’m about ready to explode. If you know what I mean.” I said.

Andrea just looked at me, smiled and lowered her head as she continued kissing and biting her way up my body. When she had reached my mouth again she kissed me and gently bit my lip and asked “Are we having fun yet?”

My balls were aching for release and my cock was throbbing but I had to admit that I was enjoying it too.

“Good I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself, because I’ve just started.”

She then used her nails and ran them down the length of my body. She would use very a light touch as she teased me with her nails. Starting at the top she would run her nails down the sensitive inside of my arms. Her ticklish touches gave me goose-bumps and my head spin with anticipation. She gently traced her nails over my arms and then to my under arms. The feeling when she did this was very ticklish causing me to laugh and squirm to try to avoid her fingers. Tickling me under my arms for a few minutes she then moved down to my sides. She ran her finger tips from under my arms, down over my ribs and to my belly. When she reached my belly she then ran her nails up and over my chest and then down to under my arms again as she did it all over again. When she reached my belly this would send tingles through my body and make me squirm as much as the ties would allow, which wasn’t much. She then trailed her nails down my belly until she reached my pubic hair and followed the edge of the hair down and around my erection to my thighs. Her nails so close to my aching cock was both ticklish and arousing I could feel my cock getting even harder. She trailed her fingers down to the tops of my thighs and then ran them between my legs so that she was almost touching my balls. Her nails ran in small circles over the tops of my thighs, to the edge of my pubic hair at the base of my cock and then down the crease between my thighs and balls and then back up to my thighs. My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I could feel a drop of pre-cum on the tip. She kept up this teasing for several minutes until I was going crazy and then moved further down my thighs to let me get back from the edge. Her fingers were still running lightly over my legs when she suddenly started teasing me again in earnest by running her nails around my belly, upper thighs and around my balls. I felt my cock throbbing when she lightly ran her nails from under my balls then up the length of my erection. She did this just a couple of times but I could already feel a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I felt my cock start to tingle and my balls start to pull tight against my body when she stopped and looked up at me.

I thought she was going to untie me but instead she just sat between my legs for a minute and looked at my bobbing cock. I could again feel the pre-cum on the tip as it ran down the head and onto my stomach. She watched my erection bob up and down and started to run her hands over her body. She started at her shoulders and with her arms crossed in front of her she slid her hands over her shoulders and down to her breasts. Andrea cupped a breast in each hand and began massaging them. First she just massaged them and then she began to move her hands in circles and up and down as she caressed her boobs. She slid her hands to her nipples and gently pulled on each one. With her nipples between her fingers she pulled and pinched and rolled them until they were hard. She had her head back and was kneeling and sitting on her feet. Her hands slid down her stomach and lightly over her crotch. She slid her hands lightly down her thighs to her knees and then back up all the way to her breasts. She did this for a few minutes and I had momentarily forgotten about my need to cum. Andrea had her back arched causing her boobs to stand out like they were begging to be sucked. With one hand playing with her tits and teasing her nipples she slipped the other one down to her pussy. Spreading her legs she ran her hand over her panties.

Her hand moved up and down a few times and then she spread her legs even farther and slid two fingers under the lacy side of the thong. With her fingers under the panties she again began to slide her hand up and down and she started to moan. Andrea brought her other hand down and slipped two more fingers under the other side of the panties. Her hands were moving in very small circles with her finger tips inside her panties as she played with herself. She started to moan louder and her movements became faster. Suddenly she pulled her hands away from her pussy and lay on her back with her feet toward my head. Lifting her hips off the bed Andrea slid her hand under the top edge of the panties and started to lower them over her shapely hips. She bent her legs up and slid the panties all the way off. Keeping her knees bent up as far as they would go she let her knees fall apart opening herself up and giving herself better access. With my head up on the pillow and her feet toward me finally gave me a look at her pussy. As I had hoped all along her pussy was completely bare and smooth as silk. Her pussy lips were swollen and pink and I could see her wetness. I could imagine burying my face down there and licking those smooth lips and sucking on her clit until she was exhausted from cumming or I couldn’t move my tongue any more. She used two fingers to spread the lips and slid her fingers up and down the length. Andrea slipped her middle finger between the lips and trailed it from top to bottom and spread her wetness. She slowly inserted her middle finger and continued to massage her lips as she moved her hand in small circles.

After a minute she inserted another finger and was gently pumping her fingers in and out. Her hips were moving up and down to meet her probing fingers. She then withdrew her fingers and applied the wetness to her clit. Her fingers were gently tracing circles around her clit and her back was arched. After teasing her clit for a few minutes she stuck her fingers inside her pussy again and withdrew them even wetter than before. This time she slid her fingers up to her clit and started to stroke it gently. Her moans were getting louder and her breaths were getting shallow and faster. With her hips starting to grind she kept up the assault on her clit. Her fingers were now moving in small fast circles as she caressed her clit. Her movements were starting to get erratic and her hips were starting to thrust more. Finally she arched her back threw her head back. Her fingers were still stroking her clit and her hips moved in time with her fingers. Andrea moaned and her head moved from side to side, her hips thrusting up with the rhythm of her moans. Her legs tensed and her whole body seemed to shake as the waves of her orgasm spread from her pussy through her body. She moaned and shook for what seemed like a solid minute until her spasms started to subside. Slowly the waves lessened and her breaths got slower and deeper. She had a dreamy content look on her face as she lay there as the last waves of her orgasm shook her. Finally she dropped her hand away from her pussy as she let her body relax.

She looked up at me with a smile and said “Did you like that?”

“Oh yes. I loved seeing you do that. It was extremely sexy.” I said wishing she would take care of me.

“Good. I hoped you would.” She said as she reached over and started to stroke my cock.

She stroked me and played with my balls for a minute and then said “What do you think about my shaved pussy? Do you like it?”

“I love it! It’s so sexy. I love being able to see all of you without the hair. I want to see how smooth it is and kiss those beautiful lips.” I said “I want to eat you and make you cum.”

“Well, if you like it so much I have an idea.” She said.

Andrea went to the bathroom again and came back with some things in her hands. She lay the items on the table next to the bed out of my sight. Going back to the bathroom she returned this time with a large towel. She told me to lift my butt and slid the towel under me.

“I want to be able to see you without the hair too.” She said and I heard a buzzing sound.

She brought one of the things from the table into view. I saw that she had a small cordless trimmer like the one that I used for my mustache. My mind flashed back to my experience in the hospital.

“I think I should trim things first before getting rid of all the rest.” She said and brought the trimmer down to my pubic hair.

I must have had a scared look because she stopped and said “Don’t worry. I set the adjustment to the shortest length. There’s no way I’m going to cut you.”

She lowered the trimmer again and I felt the buzzing as the trimmer touched me. Starting at the top of my pubic hair she ran the trimmer through the hair. The vibrations from the trimmer were like nothing I had felt before. It was a combination of a ticklish feeling with a humming sensation that seemed to penetrate my body. I imagined that this must be similar to the sensations that women get from a vibrator. My dick was hard and she grasped it with one hand while the other guided the trimmer through my pubic hair. I could feel the hair falling away from me and had the same cool feeling I had in the hospital. After ridding me of the hair around my cock she moved down to my balls. The vibrations on my testicles were even more intense than on my cock. I could feel my balls tightening and the cum rising in them. She looked at me and said.

“You like this do you?” Andrea pressed the trimmer a little harder against my scrotum and the buzzing penetrated my nuts. I was about to cum when she stopped.

“O.K. Now that the long stuff is gone, we need to get rid of the rest.” She said and reached for the other thing on the table.

She brought out a small plastic bottle that I recognized as a bottle of Nair. Before I could even say a word she said “Don’t worry. This is what I use, it’s the gentle formula and it doesn’t burn at all.”

She put some of the lotion on her hand and then carefully applied it to the short hair left from the trimmer. The lotion was cold and smelled like coconuts. She covered all the remaining hair around my cock and on my scrotum. After a few minutes she went to the bathroom and returned carrying a wet washcloth. She used the cloth to remove the lotion and my hair with it. The skin underneath was smooth and hairless. With all my hair removed I somehow felt even more naked than I was. Andrea looked at me with a grin and said.

“It looks great. Let’s see how it feels.” She sat back next to me and ran her hands over the smooth skin. Without all the hair I was even more sensitive to her touch. As she trailed her fingers around my cock where the hair had been my cock begged for relief. She ran her fingers all around my cock but never touched it. Her fingers teased my thighs and then slid to the area between my thigh and balls. She lightly traced her finger tips over my hairless balls. She had me on the edge as she lightly trailed her fingers over my balls and stiff cock. My erection was throbbing and harder than usual. Her fingers gently encircled my erection and she began to stroke me while her other hand tickled my balls. She stroked me a few times and then said.

“Do you want me to suck it?”

“Yes.” I said needing to feel her lips on me.

“Then say it.” She said.

“I want you to suck me. I need to feel your mouth on me.” I said.

She sat between my spread legs and lowered her head to my aching cock. Andrea slowly lowered her mouth to my dick. With her hand around the shaft she kissed the tip. Then she stuck her tongue out and licked the head as if it were a pop-circle. I couldn’t concentrate any more even as much as I wanted to watch her suck me.

I lay my head back on the pillow and enjoyed the feeling of her mouth on me. She licked and stroked me a few minutes and then asked.

“Do you want me to take you into my mouth?” All I could say moan “Uh-huh.” She kissed the tip and then took me into her mouth. I was finally feeling her warm wet mouth on my aching cock. Her tongue and lips felt better than anything I had ever felt before. I don’t know if it was from the teasing that she had given me all night and over the past days, or if she was just the best I had ever had. Andrea was playing with my balls and stroking me while she sucked. The feeling of her tongue and lips sliding up and down the length of my cock had me ready to cum after just a short time. She must have sensed this and slowed her rhythm until I was back from the edge. She would then increase her tempo and pressure until I was back on the verge again. Andrea would alternate between cupping my dick with her tongue and lips as she bobbed up and down the length of my cock. Sometimes she would also let her teeth very gently graze up and down the length a few times and then switch to very soft and wet tongue action. Grasping my balls in one hand and my cock in the other she would tease and suck just the very tip while stroking my shaft and playing with my balls. She did this several times until I was almost out of my mind. I needed to cum so badly but she kept taking my up and then let me go down again until I was insane. I was ready to beg her make me cum when she asked me.

“Do you want to cum?”

“I need to cum so badly. I’m going crazy. I have to cum.” I said with an unsteady voice.

“First I think I need to have another orgasm.” She said and lay back and began to play with herself again.

I wanted to have an orgasm so badly but was again mesmerized by her actions. I couldn’t take my eyes away from her as she went thru what was apparently a well-rehearsed routine. This time she stopped short of orgasm and looked up at me.

“I like to be on top. What do you think?” She asked with shallow breaths.

“I’d love it. Anything. I need to cum so badly. Please.” I answered.

She stood astride over me and I looked up at her wet pussy as she slowly lowered herself. She lowered herself until her pussy was just inches from my throbbing cock. Looking at me she grabbed my erection and guided her wet pussy down on to me. She was so wet and the fact that she didn’t have any hair to get in the way that I entered her easily. At first she only took the tip into her while she squatted above me. Slowly she lowered herself and took me all the way inside her hot, wet pussy. She was tight but she was so wet that her vagina hugged me like a glove. She knelt down and started to rock her hips forward and back. With one hand she pinched and rolled her nipple while the other played with her clit. I was in heaven from the feeling of her wet pussy stroking my cock and from watching her as she played with herself. I rocked my hips, as much as the ties would allow, up and down to meet her with the rhythm of her movements. Andrea was grinding her hips forward and back as she rode on my erection.

“Untie me so I can touch you too.” I said.

I wanted to touch her and feel her bare pussy. But most of all I wanted to cum. I wanted to be able to move with her rhythm because I was again on the edge.

She looked at me through half closed eyes and said “Are you about ready to cum?”

“Yes Yes. I want to touch you when I cum.” I said as she kept rocking her hips and stroking her clit.

She looked at me and say me staring at her hand as she rubbed her clit. “Do you like to watch me touch myself? Does it turn you on?” She asked as she continued.

At this point I was almost at the point of no return. I could feel a tingling in my cock and my balls were tight. Another few seconds and I was going to cum without ever getting to touch her.

“Yes Yes. I love to see you get yourself off.” I said almost delirious with the need to cum.

“Good. Because I want to see you do it too.” She said and slipped off me.

She moved up to the head of the bed and untied my right hand and said “O.K. Go for it. I’ll watch.”

I had never masturbated in front of anyone before and was embarrassed about the prospect of stroking myself while Andrea was right there. But my need to cum was so high that I think I would have done anything for release, even if it meant jerking-off in front of her. Andrea watched as I lowered my hand to my cock. I wrapped my fingers gently around the shaft and slowly stroked a few times. It felt so good to have some stimulation again and I knew from experience how to take care of the aching in my balls. I asked Andrea to untie my other hand and she agreed after I promised to finish what I had started.

I needed to have an orgasm so much that there was no way I was going to try to escape. All I could think about was being able to cum. I used my now other free hand to tickle my balls. The feeling of my fingers teasing my hairless balls was incredible. I looked over at Andrea and she was still staring at my hand as it stroked up and down my erection. She had her legs spread and was rubbing her clit with one hand while the fingers of her other hand slid in and out of her wet pussy. I grasped my cock and slid my hand up and down rapidly for a minute sliding the skin up and down until I could feel the tingling in my balls and the head. I had to slow to almost a stop or I would have cum and I wanted to try to build up even more. I unwrapped my hand from myself and gently trailed the tips of my fingers over the length of my shaft, pausing at the bottom to tickle my tight balls. Then I made a circle with my thumb and index finger and slid it over the tip of my erect dick. With short strokes I teased the head for a minute while I continued tickling my balls with my other hand.

I usually like to use very gentle strokes and touches when I masturbate, and make it last as long as I can. I was trying to do the same this time but I was so hot and needed to cum so badly that it wasn’t easy. I again slowly and gently stroked my cock and tickled my balls until I could feel the pre-cum on the tip of my cock.

Andrea looked at me and said “I want to see you cum. I want to watch as you cum and your orgasm spreads thru your body. Tell me when you are about to cum.”

“I’m ready now.” I said “I have to cum. I can’t wait.”

“O.K. Do it.” She said as she watched my pumping hand.

I lay my head back and increased the tempo of my stroking. I tickled my balls and could feel the cum rising as my orgasm approached. I started to moan as I felt the first waves of the orgasm start in my balls. I felt the cum rising quickly and the waves spread from my balls to my cock. I felt my cock pulsing as my cum was finally released. The orgasm spread like shock waves through me and I felt my body tense. I continued stroking and milking my balls for all I could get. I was completely oblivious to anything else as I finally felt the release that I needed so badly. My orgasm seemed to last forever as my cock pulsed and my body shook. Finally I felt the waves diminishing and I slowly came back to reality as I continued stroking myself. I felt the pulsing of my cock become slower and slower as my balls were emptied and my climax subsided. I dropped my hand from my balls and as the last contractions disappeared I looked at Andrea. She was looking at me and said.

“That as great. It was very erotic, I’ve never seen a man masturbate. Did you enjoy it?”

I was still slightly out of it from the intensity of my orgasm but answered “Yes I liked it a lot. I’ve never done that before. I mean I’ve never masturbated in front of any one before, not that I haven’t masturbated before. It was very exciting.”

Andrea looked at me and suggested we go to the shower to clean up. She untied my legs and we walked to the bathroom. We turned on the shower and got in as the steam enveloped us. Andrea came over to me and wrapped her arms around me as she slipped her tongue into my mouth. Her firm boobs were pressed against me and I reached down to fondle her firm ass. The feeling of her wet body sliding against mine made my cock start to rise again. She broke away from me and said.

“O.K. Now just stand still and close your eyes.”

I looked at her for a second before she said “Come on close your eyes. I’m the boss remember. Besides, I didn’t hurt you when I tied you up did I?”

“Well no. But you nearly drove me insane with all the teasing and not making me cum. I thought I would die if I didn’t get to cum.” I said.

“But didn’t all the teasing excite you and make your orgasm that much better when you finally had one?” She asked.

I told her that I had to admit that her teasing and keeping me on the edge was very exciting and my orgasm was stronger and longer than I ever remember.

“Good. So close your eyes.” She said again.

I closed my eyes thinking that I knew what she was going to do. I knew that she was going to drop to her knees and take me in her warm mouth. I nearly jumped out of the shower when I felt the pulsing of the shower massage on my prick. I was expecting a soft and gentle mouth so when the water came pulsing onto my cock I was startled. Andrea laughed and told me to close my eyes and raise my hands over my head and grab the shower head above me as it came out of the wall. I closed my eyes and did as she said. I felt the water stop pulsing on my now half hard dick as she moved towards me. Her body slid against me as she stood next to and reached up and quickly tied my hands to the stationary part of the shower head. She had used the cord from a soap- on-a-rope that was hanging from the shower nozzle. The rope was done into a slip knot and she had simply pulled it over my hands. Even standing on her toes she was just barely able to reach the pipe. She moved back and looked at me. My hands were above my head and I could feel my cock rising. She smiled and took the other shower head in her hand and again aimed the pulsing water at my cock. The pulsing water hitting my cock and balls was somewhat ticklish. She moved the spray up from my cock to my stomach. It was very ticklish and I tried to turn away but the rope around my hands was tight enough that I could only turn my body about 45 degrees, not enough to avoid the pulsing water. She kept the water tickling my stomach for a minute and then moved up to tickle my ribs with the spray. First she aimed at one side and then she moved to the other side. I was trying to keep the laughter in because I knew if I started I wouldn’t be able to stop.

The tickling continued on my ribs and then she moved up and aimed the pulses under my arm and then ran it down my sides. I couldn’t control my laughter any longer and laughed hysterically. Andrea looked at my erection and moved the spray down and ran it up and down the length pausing at the tip and on my balls. My laughter stopped and I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of the water on my cock. After a minute she moved the spray up and began tickling me again as it pulsed on my belly. I was crazy with laughter but also incredibly turned on.

Andrea turned off the water and said “I’m glad you seem to enjoy tickling as much as I do.” And she left it at that.

We finished our shower, opened another bottle of wine and lay down on the bed together. We were on our sides facing each other as we talked. With the sky light above the bed it was almost like being outside. The sky was still clear and full of stars. The sound of the waves on the shore was coming in through the open windows with the breeze. We drank the wine, this time from glasses, as we talked about nothing in particular. It felt so natural being there with her, talking as if we had known each other for years.

Although we were both naked it seemed the most natural thing in the world. It wasn’t at all uncomfortable as it sometimes can be with someone one doesn’t know very well. Andrea looked so natural and so sexy with her hair still wet from the shower. I looked into her green eyes and noticed how they seemed even brighter due to her wet black hair. Her breasts were full and hung slightly to the side while her nipples were semi-hard and pointed toward me as she lied there propped up on one arm. Her waist narrowed and then rounded out again to her sexy hips. My gaze trailed over her trim stomach from her navel down to her crotch. With her legs bent up I could just see down to her pussy before it was hidden from view by her thighs. I was starting to get quite hard again and when I looked up I noticed that she was staring as my cock grew and stood out toward her.

I set my glass down on the night stand and moved over and did the same with hers. Andrea rolled from her side onto her back as I moved over to her. She looked up at me as I took her hands in mine and raised them over her head. As I sat astride her on my knees I leaned forward to bring her hands to the head of the bed. When I did this my erect dick nestled between her tits and my balls rested on her warm skin. I tied her hands to the head of the bed with the strips of cloth that were still there from earlier. I got off of her and went to the end of the bed. Kneeling there I looked up at her. She looked so sexy with her arms raised above her head. She had a look of a combination of slight apprehension, excitement and lust in her eyes. She only resisted slightly for a second as I took her left foot in my hand I gently brought it out to the corner of the bed where I tied it around the ankle with the cloth. I moved between her legs and spread the right leg to the other corner of the bed.

I sat for a minute between her spread legs and looked at her. When I looked her in the eyes she had a dreamy look and was already breathing deeply. With her arms above her head her breasts stood out from her chest and rose and fell with each breath. As I looked away from her eyes to between her legs she closed her eyes. With her legs spread wide her bare pussy was open to my gaze. Her lips were already slightly pink and swollen and I could see that she was getting wet already. I continued to stare at her naked body for a minute and I could see that she was getting hotter.

I straddled her again on my knees and kissed her ever so gently so that our lips barely met. I stuck out my tongue and softly licked her lips. Taking my hands up to hers I let my fingertips trail down the insides of her arms, under her arms and down to the sides of her breasts. I then let my fingertips gently run up over her breasts, while avoiding her nipples, and up to her neck. When I touched her neck Andrea tilted her head back exposing her neck even more. My fingers slid up under her chin then up and over to her soft lips. I traced my fingertips lightly over her lips as I lowered myself to her and kissed her. When I bent over to kiss her my stiff cock was pressed to her smooth pussy and my balls hung down between her thighs. Sitting up I slid down her body and kissed her neck again. I could feel the warmth in the head of my dick as it touched the silky lips of her pussy. I moved lower as I kissed my way down her neck and up the swell of her left breast. Planting kisses down her soft boob I moved toward her nipple.

When I reached her nipple I stuck out my wet tongue and ran it all around her nipple as I massaged her breast. I took my tongue and licked her nipple before sucking it gently into my mouth. With her nipple in my mouth I flicked my tongue over it for a few seconds until it started to harden. I sucked her nipple until it was completely hard and then let it slide slowly out of my mouth before sucking it back in. Andrea arched her back in attempts to bring her tits up to my mouth as I released her nipple from my mouth. I took her other tit and gently nibbled around her nipple before sucking it into my mouth until it too was erect.

I kissed my way from her breast, over her ribs and to her firm stomach. While I kissed her stomach I was running my hands down her sides from under her arms, over her ribs and to her hips. I stuck my tongue into her navel and teased it while I gently tickled her sides. Andrea started to squirm around on the bed and let out a few giggles as I continued to tease her with my tongue and fingers. Moving lower I kissed her belly and down to her smooth pubic mound. Her skin was smooth as I kissed and nibbled around her mound. Andrea was moving her hips around as she tried to bring her pussy to my mouth. I sucked on the skin around her pussy and ran my fingers over her thighs. Centering myself between her legs I kissed the top of her slit and then moved ever so slowly lower until I could taste her wetness. Andrea started to moan softly and raised her hips off of the bed as I gently kissed her soft lips. When I reached the bottom of her pussy I stuck my tongue out and touched her wet opening. I used my tongue to spread the wetness as I ran it from bottom to top. Her lips were really starting to swell and were turning darker as I continued to lick her from her wet vagina to her clit. I took her smooth lips in mine and sucked them, causing her to moan. When she was sufficiently wet from top to bottom I gently spread her lips with my fingers and lapped at her hot and wet opening before moving upward. I licked up her soft, wet lips until I reached her partially erect clit. When I first gently kissed her clit Andrea moaned a little louder to show her appreciation. Then I licked up the length of her lips from bottom to top ant gently ran my wet tongue over her clit. I licked her clit a few times as if I were licking a sucker then I moved lower and gently tongued her wet opening.

I stuck just the tip of my tongue into her and licked all around. She was very wet and tasted wonderful as I licked her pussy. Moving up again I first kissed her clit again, then I used just the tip of my tongue to tease the little nub. I pressed my lips against her and flicked my tongue rapidly up and down over her clit. I continued to tease her clit as I gently inserted a finger into her wet pussy. I rotated my finger inside her hot pussy and then inserted another. Finally I put my lips around her clit and gently sucked it into my mouth. I took her erect clit between my lips and alternated between gently sucking it in and letting it slide out from my lips. I could tell she was really getting into the feeling because she was moaning in little bursts and rotating her hips to get even more stimulation. Releasing her clit from my lips I rapidly flicked my tongue back and forth over the erect tip. Andrea was thrusting her hips up and down and was moaning as I continued to tease her clit. After a minute she arched her hips up to meet my flicking tongue. Her body started to tense as the waves of her orgasm spread over her. Her breathing was irregular as she let out a moan of pleasure with each wave. Her eyes were tightly closed, her head was back and rocking from side to side. Her orgasm lasted for about 30 seconds as I continued teasing her clit.

She seemed to be coming down a bit from the climax when she quickly went back up again and had another as my tongue flicked over her clit. This time her orgasm was shorter but so was the interval before she had another. Her third orgasm actually seemed to be a string of short orgasms one after the other. After a few minutes my tongue was tired and I eased up on her clit. She came down from her orgasms as her body relaxed and her breathing deepened.

I untied her hands and legs so she wouldn’t get muscle cramps. Moving up I lay down on her and kissed so that she tasted her own pussy on my lips. Our tongues met and she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist pulling my erection against her wet pussy. She was very wet after the orgasms and I could feel her warmth on my cock. The feeling of my cock pressed between us and on her wet pussy was getting me very excited as we continued to french kiss. I started to gently rock my hips and slide my erection against her pussy. Taking my cue she arched her hips and dug her heals into my buttocks pressing me tighter. Reaching back to unlock her legs from around me, I broke away from her kiss and got to my knees. She bent her legs up and spread her knees wide as she lay on her back. Her pussy was wet and her lips were swollen as she lay there with her legs wide. I took my cock in my hand and rubbed the tip over her lips spreading her wetness. Andrea looked up at me and again wrapped her legs around me and dug her heals into my buns. She pressed harder and pulled me forward pushing my cock into her pussy. Her pussy was tight but very wet and I slid easily into her. Her pussy was so warm and it felt great as it hugged my cock like a glove. I lay down on her and just stayed still inside her as I kissed her again. Still kissing her I gently rocked my hips up and down thrusting my penis in and out. She started to rock her hips in time with mine as I slipped in and out of her. Breaking from our kiss and leaning on my hands I bent down to her breasts and took her nipple into my mouth. As I sucked on her nipple she took the other and pinched it between her fingers.

I shifted all my weight onto my hands and knees and moved my hips in a circular motion as I slid in and out of her warm pussy. Her breasts giggled as I entered her as far as possible and our hips met. She spread her legs wider and raised then up as far as she could to get even deeper penetration. Her pussy was so soft and so warm on my cock as it slid in until our hips met and then almost all the way out. We continued this for a few minutes as I was lost by the feeling of her pussy walls on the head of my cock and the sight of her jiggling breasts. As I moved my hips in circles and my cock slid in and out she looked at me with pleasure in her eyes. My balls were getting very tight and I switched my movements to straight in and out to give myself a break. After a minute I continued again with the circular movements as I lay back down on her to rest my arms.

She started to get a dreamy look in her eyes and her breath started to get shallow. I kept the same pace and I could tell she was about to cum again. She arched her back and rocked her head from side to side as her orgasm built up. I could feel her pussy contracting around my cock as the orgasm spread from her pussy through the rest of her body. She moaned with each wave as her pussy pulsed around my hard cock. Wrapping her arms and legs around me she pulled me to her and kissed me as her orgasm slowly subsided. When she had come back down all the way she lay there for a minute before rolling us both over so that she was on top. She knelt over me with my cock still inside her and started to rock her hips back and forth.

I looked up at her and then down to her pussy. I could only see the very base of my cock before it disappeared inside her as she rocked her hips. She looked at me and licked her lips in a most seductive way before bending down to kiss me. She kissed me hard and nipped at my ear lobes before moving to kiss my neck. Her hips continued to rock as she slid her pussy over my cock. Kneeling up again she took my hands in hers and brought them to her breasts. With her hands over mine she squeezed her tits and smiled at me. I continued to massage her boobs when she lowered her hand to her pussy. She slowed the gyrations of her hips as she started to play with her clit. With very small and rapid movements she rubbed her clit with one hand while she reached back and grabbed my balls with the other. She rolled my balls between her fingers and gently tugged at them. I lowered my hand from her breasts and replaced her hand on her clit with mine. I alternated between very a light and quick touch to a slow stroking for a few seconds before continuing with the rapid touch again. She reached her other hand behind her and tickled the area under my balls with one hand as she played first with one nut and then the other. With both hands behind her her back was arched and her breasts stood out in a very sexy way.

It seemed almost a contest now to see who could get the other to cum first. She had me ready to explode from the feeling of her hands tickling my balls and her soft, warm pussy riding up and down my cock. It was very difficult to concentrate on what I was doing but I continued tease her clit with one hand while rolling her nipple between my fingers with the other hand. We were both starting to breath rapidly and I could feel my balls tighten as her pussy slid around my cock. I felt the first building waves of her orgasm as her pussy tightened around my cock. She started to moan again in pleasure as her orgasm built inside her. That was all I needed to send me over the edge and I could feel my cock start tingle. Her orgasm built rapidly and her pussy contracted around my erection. I felt the cum start to rise from my balls and through my cock as she continued to tease my balls. My body stiffened and my back arched as I came and my cock pulsed inside her contracting pussy. I closed my eyes and was lost as my orgasm spread and I heard her moans of pleasure. Her pussy was very tight as it contracted around my cock and I shuddered with each pulse of my cock. My hips thrust up to her with each wave of my orgasm and she continued to milk my balls as she was lost in her own orgasm. We both came down at about the same time as we dropped our hands from the other and she collapsed on top of me.

We were both breathing deeply and her hard nipples pressed into my chest. We were both very hot and our bodies were slick with sweat. I was still hard and inside her as we lay there and recovered from our climaxes.

The End

By: Andres

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