Club Med, Bora Bora – Part 3

When she was inside she finally turned around but the steamed glass made it impossible for me to see anything more than a fuzzy outline. She tilted her head back and let the spray of water wet her short hair. As she did this she arched her back and I could see the hazy image of her boobs standing firmly on her chest. After washing her hair she started to run her soapy hands over her body. She started with her shoulders and moved down to her breasts. I could see the blurry image of her hands massaging her tits as she cupped one in each hand. Her hands were moving in a circular motion. After a minute she lowered her hands to her stomach and sides and continued with the circular massage. Andrea then turned her back to me and reached behind her and put her hands on those firm buns. Her hands ran all around her ass and she trailed her fingers slowly up between the round cheeks. She then turned to face me again and ran her hands over her stomach.

Her hands were moving in a big circle from her belly button, down the sides of her thighs, into between her legs and then up to her navel again. She did this a number of times and each time she spent more time with her hands between her legs. I wished I could have seen her pussy and see if it was bare as I thought, but I couldn’t see through the glass. Eventually she reached for the shower head and brought it to her breasts. I could hear the water pulsing as she aimed it at her boobs and seemed to move in ever decreasing circles over her breast until it hit her right on the nipple. Her free hand was still between her legs as she played with her slit. After doing both boobs she lowered the shower head to her stomach and inched it down between her legs. The shower head had a long hose and she slid down the wall and sat on the floor with her legs spread while she continued masturbating with the shower massage. I began to wonder if this little show was for my benefit or if she was really enjoying it. After a minute I decided that I didn’t care what her reasons were because it was very exciting to me. I reached inside my shorts and started playing with myself. I lay back on the bed and watched Andrea as I began to stroke my cock. I spread my legs and gently massaged my balls. As she had done with her hands she moved the pulsing water in slowly smaller circles. Andrea started at her belly and moved the water down her sides to her thigh, over to the other thigh, back up her side and over to her navel. She did this until she was making small circles around her pussy. She moved closer and closer until she had the pulse steady and aimed right at where I guess her clit was. The pulse of the water seemed to be having the desired effect because after a minute I heard her starting to moan above the noise of the shower. Her head was back and she started to move her hips up and down. Her other hand had found its way to her tit and she was massaging and it looked like she was pinching her nipple between her fingers. Suddenly her hip movements were faster and her arm appeared to be shaking.

I could hear her moans clearly now and her whole body shook as she climaxed from the pulsing spray of the shower on her clit. Her moans of pleasure slowly subsided and she let the shower head fall from her hand. I still had my hand down my shorts and was stroking madly. I lowered the shorts a bit and closed my eyes as I ran my hand up and down my erection. I was so horny and needed to cum so badly that I didn’t hear the water stop and Andrea get out of the shower. My hand was pumping my dick when I heard Andrea moving around in the bathroom. Quickly I removed my hand from my aching member and pulled the shorts up just as she came into view. I didn’t think she saw me stroking myself.

“Did you have a good shower?” I asked her.

She was wearing a silk robe that had no buttons to hold it closed, only a belt around her waist. The top was loose and open far enough that I could see quite a lot of cleavage. I could also see her hard nipples pressing against the silk. The robe was so short that it barely came down below her hips and ass.

“Yes it was very nice. What have you been doing?” she asked.

“Not much. Just sitting here waiting for you.” I answered.

“Oh really? Then what is that wet spot on the front of your shorts?” Andrea said almost sternly.

I looked down at the bulge between my legs and saw what she was talking about. At the tip of my cock was a very noticeable wet spot in contrast to the rest of the material. The spot was obviously from the pre-cum of my throbbing member.

“Were you playing with yourself while I was in the shower?” she asked “I thought that I told you that I didn’t want you to cum until I told you that you could.”

“Well… no… I mean yes… no… I mean yes that is what you said but…I thought that you were doing that in the shower for me..” I mumbled and before I could finish she said.

“What do you mean I was doing it for you? Were you spying on me in the shower?”

I tried to think of a way out of this situation without looking either like a pervert or a jerk.

“Well? Were you watching me in the shower?” she asked again.

I figured that I was busted and decided to cut my losses while I still could and confess.

“Yes” was all I said.

“Well. Did you like what you saw?” she asked in a soft voice.

“Well I really couldn’t see much. The glass was so fogged up.” I answered trying to minimize the situation.

She apparently was not too upset by the situation because she suddenly dropped the subject.

“What do you think I should wear tonight?” she said walking over to the dresser.

Andrea opened the top drawer and started pulling out various panties and bras.

“Do you like these?” she asked and showed me a pair of red lace thong panties and matching lace bra.

“Those are nice.” I said imagining how she would look in them. I was sure that her nipples and pussy would be clearly visible thru the lace material.

She threw these on the bed next to me and pulled out some more panties and a bra. These were a matching set of black silk thong panties with fluttery edging around the front and a demi-bra that appeared to be padded.

“How about these?” she asked again.

“Those look good too.” I said with images of her wearing those in my mind.

She took those and threw them on the bed with the others. Next she took out another set of white lace panties and bra. The panties were thong style in the back and cut very low in the front and very high on the hips. The bra looked to be even lower than a demi-bra and I didn’t think that the front would come up high enough to cover her nipples.

“O.K. what about these?” she asked holding them up for me to see.

“I like those too.” I said.

“Well you decide while I get the rest of my clothes.” she said.

“Well don’t you think that I should know what else you are going to wear before I pick out your underwear?” I asked.

“I’m going to wear this.” she said and turned around and held out a dress for me to see.

The dress was a short white, tank style dress. It was backless and the front was very low-cut. It looked to be made of some stretchy nylon or spandex type material.

“What do you think? Do you like it?” she said smiling.

“I love it!” I said “You’ll look so hot in that.”

“So what bra and panties should I wear with this?” she asked.

“Well, that material looks pretty clingy. I say you don’t need anything under it.” I said hoping she would agree.

“Andrew! I don’t think so!” she said with mock modesty.

“Well I was only thinking that because the dress is backless you wouldn’t want the bra strap to be showing. Not only that the material is thin and it looks kind of tight that you wouldn’t want any panty lines to ruin the nice smooth look of your cute butt.”

“Maybe you’re right about the bra but I’ll have to see how it looks on without one. I am going to wear some panties though. Which ones do you like?”

“Well, if you’re going to be a party-pooper, how about these white ones.” I said and handed her the panties.

She took the panties and dress and went behind a changing screen in the corner of her room. The screen was only about four and a half feet high and five or six feet wide. It was made of a slightly opaque material with an oriental design. She went behind the screen and put the dress and panties over the top. I could see her head and shoulders above the screen and Andrea looked at me, reached down and took off the robe and placed it beside the dress on top of the screen. She took the panties and stepped into them. When she stepped into the panties I tried again to see her pussy through the screen but all I could see was the blurry image. She took the dress and stepped into it. Andrea pulled it up and I could see her adjusting her boobs in her dress.

“What do you think?” she said stepping from behind the screen.

The dress fit skin tight and hugged every curve. The sleeveless tank style was low enough in the front to reveal plenty of her firm boobs. Her nipples were semi-erect and showed through the thin fabric. The stretchy material molded to her breasts and pushed them together creating lots of cleavage. It hugged her and tapered down to her hips. The dress was backless and came down to almost her ass and then was just long enough to cover her shapely butt when she turned around.

Staring at her in that dress that looked like it was spray painted on I said “You look great!”

“You don’t think it’s too skimpy? Can you see through the material? I don’t want to look like a slut.” Andrea asked.

“No way! I love it. You look so sexy. And I have to say that my choice of panties was a good one. Your butt looks so good, and no lines. I don’t know if I’ll be able to control myself.” I answered.

“I guess I got the right look then. I thought you might like it.” she said with a smile.

We decided to go to one of the restaurants on the resort. I wanted to go to the Mexican restaurant but Andrea said she wanted Italian.

“I’m the boss, remember?” Andrea said and grabbed my hand as she led me towards the Italian restaurant.

The restaurant was very nice but not so nice as to be stuffy. The maiter’d showed us to a quiet table in back. After the drinks arrived we ordered dinner and started talking. We were discussing our childhood and growing up. Eventually after dinner we were talking about high school and some of the things we did.

“I may not look like it now, but I used to be pretty wild when I was younger.” I said.

“Oh yeah right. You really look like a party animal.” she laughed.

“I did.” I said somewhat defensively.

“Yeah right. Somehow you don’t strike me as the daredevil type.” Andrea said.

“I used to be even wilder than you are now.” I said.

“Yeah right.” Andrea said goading me “You think you’re a match for me?”

“Any day.” I said.

“O.K.” she responded “Truth or Dare?”

“What? Truth or Dare? Are we in high school?” I asked her.

“Well you said that you used to be pretty wild. So lets see. Truth or Dare?” Andrea asked again.

“O.K. Truth.” I said.

“That’s one truth. You only get one more.” Andrea said to me.

“What do you mean I only get one more?” I asked.

“You get only one more dare. Now for the question – Have you ever masturbated in front of a woman?” she asked with a grin.

“What?!” I asked just looking at her.

“Come on. Have you ever done it?” she asked me again.

I could feel my face getting red and my dick rising from the thought of masturbating in front of her. Although it was embarrassing, it was very exciting too.

“No.” I said.

“Why not?” Andrea asked.

“Wait a minute. It’s my turn now. Truth or dare?” I asked thinking that this was my chance to get even.

“Truth.” she said.

“Oh aren’t you the daring one?” I said teasing “O.K. I like your question. So, have you?”

“Have I ever masturbated in front of a woman?” she asked.

“No. I mean in front of a man.”

“Oh, O.K. If that’s what you want to know.” she said with a sly grin “The answer to that is yes. I mean even other than earlier in the shower.”

My mind went instantly to images of Andrea masturbating in the shower and my dick was rising even faster. I also wondered about her comment and wondered if she had ever been with another woman. I was still thinking about Andrea with a woman, and myself of course, when she said.

“My turn. Truth or Dare? Remember you only have one more truth left.” Andrea said.

“Dare.” I said with great trepidation.

“Good.” Andrea said with a slightly disturbing smile on her face “I dare you to drop your pants and show me your ass.”

“I can’t do that! I’ll get arrested or thrown out at least.” I responded.

“You have to. Not only because that’s your dare but I’m in charge, remember?” she said and looked me in the eyes.

Her green eyes were incredible. They were clear and seemed to look right into my soul. I could feel her strength and almost was hypnotized by it. I got up and looked around.

“This time tell me if someone is coming.” I said.

“Alright.” she answered.

Since we were in the back of the restaurant I faced away from her so that I could see the rest of the restaurant. No one was looking that I could see so I lowered my shorts.

“Nice buns.” Andrea said with a chuckle.

I pulled my shorts up and quickly sat down and looked around. No one was looking so I relaxed a little.

“Truth or dare? Remember you only have one more dare.” I said.

“Dare.” she said with a smug look.

I didn’t hesitate before saying “I dare you to show me your ass.”

To my surprise, she didn’t miss a beat. Andrea stood and raised the skin tight dress over her ass and slipped her hands under the waist band of her panties. She turned her back to me and wiggled her ass for me as she lowered the thong so that her ass was completely bare. With her back still to me she lowered the dress and then sat down.

“You really need to think of more daring things.” she said smugly.

“O.K. My turn again. Truth or dare?” Andrea asked me.

“Truth” I said remembering her last dare to me.

“What was the most embarrassing moment in your life?” she asked.

“Well,” I thought to myself …almost getting caught masturbating earlier was way up there on the list. But then I remembered an experience that happened when I was about eighteen.

“Right after high school” I began “I had to go into the hospital for a minor operation. My doctor noticed a strange rhythm in my heart and he wanted me to get a heart catheterization. This is where they make a small incision and insert a tiny fiber optic camera thru the vein and into the heart. They had to do it at two different places to be able to see the whole inside of the heart. Anyway, I went to the hospital and of course had to change into one of those paper gowns and wait in the prep room for someone to get me ready for the procedure. After about a half an hour sitting there waiting and freezing my ass off, a nurse came in and explained the procedure to me. The first incision was going to be made in the vein in my arm right at the elbow, just like they do for taking blood. The second was going to be in the groin area. I must have looked a little scared at this and she said that I didn’t have to worry because I would be given a local anesthetic and I wouldn’t feel a thing.

I relaxed at hearing this until she explained that she was going to have to shave me to prepare for the operation. Now shaving the hair on my arm was no big deal. But my pubic hair? That was another story. She told me to lay back on the bed while she went to get the razor and antiseptic. I lay on my back on the bed and tried to keep myself covered. When she returned she first put the antiseptic on my arm in case she nicked me. The antiseptic was very cold and left a slight tingling sensation. First she shaved the hair on my arm. She then told me to relax and pull my gown up. She was fairly young and attractive with long brown hair and brown eyes, a pretty nice set of tits. Even though I normally would get an erection from just thinking about someone like her, let alone being practically naked in the same room, my dick stayed surprisingly and embarrassingly shriveled. It must have been a combination of the freezing temperature in the room and my fear of the operation. In any case, I raised the gown and exposed myself to her gaze. She didn’t comment and was very professional to my relief. The nurse took a piece of gauze and put some of the antiseptic on it. She started up at my almost my navel as she applied the liquid. She moved her hand slowly down until it was running over my pubic hair and around the base of my cock. Then she applied more of the liquid the gauze and started rubbing it over my balls. Apparently she was trying to relax me because she started to make casual conversation. The cold tingly feeling of the antiseptic and the ticklish feeling of the gauze on my belly made my dick start to respond. I couldn’t believe it but this was even more embarrassing than having it all shrunken and shriveled. She didn’t make any reaction as I felt my cock warming and begin to grow. Then she asked me if I had a girlfriend. When I said no, she said that was good because I might have some explaining to do about my missing pubic hair. I could feel my dick now brushing against my thigh as it continued to get hard. After she was done with the antiseptic she told me she was ready to shave me. She reached for the razor and told me to relax. The thought of the razor on me had at least one good effect. It stopped my erection from growing. She started with the hair on my lower stomach and had a very gentle touch. However the feeling of her hands and the razor was somewhat ticklish. I started to squirm and could feel my dick starting to rise again. Then she moved down to my pubic hair and slowly shaved me. My cock was now about 3/4 erect and steadily rising up my thigh. She still didn’t have any reaction and kept up her professionalism. At one point my erection was pointing right up my belly and she had to take it in one hand and keep it out of the way while she continued shaving me. I was mortified but also incredibly turned on. The feeling of her hand on my dick had me so hot that I was afraid that I might cum. Luckily she released my now hard cock and moved down to shave around it. This gave me a little time to relax a little before she told me that she had to shave my scrotum next. This was not a thought I relished and my member quickly showed my anxiety. She told me not to worry, that she had done this many times and had never cut anyone. By the time she brought the razor to my balls my dick had shrunk back to its ‘scared turtle’ state. This quickly changed however when she took one testicle in her left hand and gently pulled it away from my body.

She explained ever so professionally that she had to do this to keep the skin tight and wrinkle-free so as not to cut me. My cock was quickly rising again and this time I noticed an ever so slight smile as she went on with her business. Next she did the same with the other ball and my dick was now harder then ever and pulsing up and down with my heart. The feeling of her fingers tugging at my balls combined with the completely naked feeling of having no pubic hair was excruciatingly exciting. Finally she released my other nut from her grasp and I thought she was finished.

She told me not to move as she left for a second and returned with a clean wet cloth. She explained that she now had to rinse the antiseptic and lose hairs before the operation. Without warning she put the cloth on my crotch and started rubbing the hair and liquid away. My mind was going and all I could do was enjoy the feeling as she rubbed the warm cloth up and down, back and forth, and in big circles over my erection and balls. At last she stopped with her hand and lifted the cloth in time before she made me cum. Grabbing my now completely naked cock in her hand she lifted it up and to the left and the right, as she looked for any cuts or hair she might have missed, then she put her hand on my balls and did the same thing. I was ready to cum right there and didn’t even care, but then she stopped. I sat there for a second waiting for my cock to explode but it never happened. I sat there with my cock and balls completely bare and the hardest erection I had ever had bobbing in the air. The nurse looked at me and left the room.”

“That was so embarrassing but also extremely exciting.” I finished.

“That was a great story.” Andrea said.

The conversation took a decidedly calmer turn as we spent the next two hours talking. We talked about everything. She grew-up on the west coast and was an only child, where as I am from the mid-west and am the middle child. We found many things in common, from our taste in movies to our musical preferences. We were both avid mountain bikers and liked all kinds of sports. We were engrossed in our conversation when the manager came over and told us that the restaurant was closing.

We talked the bar tender into giving us a bottle of wine and we headed out for a walk on the beach. It was after midnight now but there was a full moon and the sky was full of stars. The air was warm and there was a slight breeze coming off the water as the waves lapped on the shore. We walked down the beach for a while talking and holding hands. I felt drunk even though I had hardly had anything to drink, and we hadn’t even started the bottle of wine. I guess it was the combination of the fresh sea air, the moon and stars, the waves on the beach, the palm trees. Everything was perfect and I was on the most beautiful beach in the world with a very sexy woman.

We stopped along the beach and sat in the sand. We didn’t have any glasses for the wine so we had to drink right out of the bottle. Andrea sat by my side and we looked out at the reflection of the moon on the water as we talked. We talked and drank for a while until Andrea took the bottle from me and put it into the sand next to us. She leaned over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck as she brought her lips to mine. I put my arms around her and we fell back onto the sand, never breaking our kiss as we did so. Her lips were so soft and she smelled wonderful. She opened her mouth and I could taste the red wine we were drinking as we french kissed. She was on her back and I ran my hand through her dark hair and brushed her cheek.

Andrea was running her hands over my chest and back and then grabbed my shirt and pulled it off over my head. I kissed her cheek and then moved to her ear. I could smell her hair and the perfumed shampoo she used as I kissed her ear lobe. I took her lobe into my mouth and sucked gently while I ran my hands through her hair. I could feel her hands on my back and shoulders and then she gently pushed me up a little and slid her hands inside my shorts. She ran her hands through my short pubic hair as she traced her fingers over my stomach and around the base of my cock. Sliding her hands around to my ass she slid my shorts down to my knees. I sat up and she moved around to face me and then pulled my pants the rest of the way off. My dick was very hard and stood straight up between my legs as I sat and looked into her green eyes. I was sitting leaning with my arms behind me and Andrea crawled up between my legs and put her body against mine as she kissed me again. The sand was cool against my bare skin as I looked up at her hightlighted by the moon light. She knelt astride my stomach and lifted her dress off. I reached up and took her beautiful breasts in my hands. I massaged and stroked them for a while before taking her nipples in my fingers and gently pulling on then. I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and index fingers until they were hard and she started to grind her hips on me. I sat up so that she was now sitting on my lap facing me. We kissed passionately and I could feel the lace of her thong panties rubbing against my cock. I wrapped my arms tightly around her and lay her back on the sand with me above her. I reached for the bottle of wine and took a drink.

Andrea said that she wanted some too, so I took another drink and brought my mouth down to hers. She opened her mouth and I mine and I let a little wine run into her mouth. Taking the bottle again I poured a little on the tip of her right breast. Her nipple which was only semi-erect, quickly puckered from the cool wine. Moving down I sucked her wine covered nipple into my mouth. Her nipple was very hard as I sucked and licked the sweet wine from her boob. I then did the same with her other breast while I teased the first nipple with my fingers.

Suddenly Andrea pushed me off of her and said “Let’s go for a swim.”

She stood facing the water with her back toward me as she slid her hands under the edged of the thong. Slowly she slipped the thong over her hips and down over her tight buns. She bent a little at the waist as the thong slid further down her thighs. Her ass looked incredible and I was straining to see her pussy as she bent over. The moon was bright but it actually caused a slight shadow as the moon was in front of her over the water and I couldn’t see very well. She bent all the way down with her hands in the sides of the thong until she was touching her toes. Then she stepped out of the panties and jogged toward the water. I jogged after her, my erection bouncing up and down, left and right as I went. We splashed into the water until it was almost up to my waist and then Andrea dove under the water and was gone from sight. It didn’t take me long to figure out where she was because I felt her hand wrap around my dick as she surfaced in front of me. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist as she hung on me and we kissed in the moonlight. I could feel her hard nipples press into my chest and her legs on my bare ass. I reached down and massaged her firm buns while helping hold her up.

We kissed standing there for a few minutes and I wanted so badly to see all of her naked body. I wanted to see if her pussy was clean shaven as I thought it was. It felt like she didn’t have any pubic hair because all I could feel was smooth skin against my stomach as she clung to me. After a few minutes my arms started to get tired and she dropped down from me. The water was up to her trim stomach and I could see her belly button just above the water line. My balls were very tight and they were half under the water and half out as my dick stood out at an angle.

“Lets go to my room.” Andrea said and walked toward the shore.

Again she faced away from me as she stepped into her panties and then pulled the dress on. I put my shorts on but my erection was creating quite a bulge in them. We picked up the empty bottle and headed back toward the main area of the resort.

We nearly ran the last hundred yards back to her room and barely had the door closed when I put my arms around her and kissed her and gently licked her lips. Her tongue pushed into my mouth and her soft lips pressed against mine. We were both wild with lust as we kissed and ran our hands over each other. I ran my hands over her bare back and down to her ass. As she stood on her tip-toes to kiss me she slipped her hands inside my shirt and over my back. I moved my hands down to her butt and massaged it through the thin fabric of her dress. Her hands slid down my back and under the waist of my pants. I felt her small warm hands on my ass as she massaged and squeezed and ran her hands all over. Pulling the dress up over her ass I again felt the cutest ass I have ever seen. I took a cheek in each hand and gently squeezed. Andrea took my cue and did the same to me. She squeezed my firm buns and trailed her fingers up between them.

“Wait… lets go over… to the bed… where we can… be… more.. comfortable…” she said between kisses.

“O.K.” I said.

Andrea lay on the bed on her back and I lay on my side beside her. I reached over and put my hand on her breast. She reached up and pulled me to her and we kissed more. Our tongues danced in each other’s mouth as our passion built. My hands were running up and down her sides and over the top of her bare thighs.

“Mmmmmm… wait a minute… let me get this dress off…” she said.

I rolled over and lay on my back. Andrea sat up and moved over to me and straddled me on her knees. She reached down and took the edge of the dress in her hands. Teasingly slow she raised it on her thighs until she got up to her crotch.

“Do you think I should go higher?” she asked in a soft tone.


She lifted the dress higher until it was above her waist. The white panties shone brightly against her tan skin as they rose high on her hips. I tried to see through the lace but couldn’t see because it was half dark in the room as we had never bothered to turn on the bedroom light.

“Should I go higher?” she asked again.

“Yes” I again answered.

Andrea slowly raised the tight dress over her stomach and over her ribs until she was up to her boobs.

“Should I take it all the way off?” Andrea asked.

“Yes” I said again.

She ever so slowly lifted the dress over her tits and finally over and off. As she lifted it over her head her back arched and her chest stuck out. Her boobs were large and firm and stood out very nicely. I could just make out the dark circles of her areolas.

“Now it’s your turn.” she said “I want to see some skin.”

She moved off of me and lay back on the bed. My cock was already hard and was making a large bulge in my pants as it stood straight out. I stood beside the bed and lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor. Andrea was watching me and running her hand over her thigh. I reached down and undid my belt and then the button. I was staring right into her eyes as she watched my hands go to the zipper. As slowly as I could I lowered the zipper. Half way down I said.

“Should I go lower?” using her own words.

She looked at me and said in a low voice “Yes”.

I lowered the zipper the rest of the way and let the pants fall to the floor. My cock was sticking out and up at an angle and pulsing with my heart.

“Come here.” Andrea said in a sultry voice.

I walked to the bed and stood there for a second. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock and pulled me to her. Andrea pushed me on to my back and knelt between my legs. Then she lowered herself forward onto me so that she was lying on top of me and I could feel her soft breasts pressing against me. She put her elbows on each side of my head and kissed me. We kissed for a while and I ran my hands over her naked back and down to her bare ass. I let my hands slide under the thin waist of the thong and caressed her ass. My hands moved all over her firm buns and around to her shapely hips. Andrea looked at me slid down my body a bit. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. She was kissing and licking her way down my neck to my chest. She ran her tongue over my left nipple and then took it into her mouth. I was like a shock going through me. I arched my back and raised my nipple to her sucking mouth. After giving each nipple a good sucking, she went lower. Her kisses and tongue trailed down my stomach and to my navel. Andrea first kissed my belly button and then stuck her tongue in it. It was very ticklish and I giggled even though it felt wonderful. With her tongue in my navel, I could feel my cock nestled between her breasts and I thought about how nice it would be to slide my cock between those beautiful tits.

Andrea looked up at me with those smoldering green eyes and lowered her head further. She continued to kiss her way lower until her chin was hitting the tip of my prick. I reached down and put my hands on her head to guide her to my aching cock.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing? I’m in charge here and I say no touching unless I say so.” Andrea said looking up at me.

“I can’t help it. It feels so good. I can’t keep my hands off you.” I said wanting her to continue.

“Well I know how to take care of that problem.” she said as she got up and went to the bathroom.

She came back carrying a towel which she put on the bed and then went into the kitchen area. This time when she returned she was carrying a sharp knife.

“Wait a minute.” I said sliding up on the bed “What do you think you’re going to do with that?”

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I just want to make sure that we don’t have that problem with you touching me again before I say you can. So I thought of a way to stop that.” she said with the knife in her hand.

“What are you going to do? Stab me if I move?” I asked only somewhat kidding.

“No. I’m going to tie you up so you can’t move.” Andrea explained as she began to cut the towel into long strips.

She cut the towel lengthwise into four strips and said “O.K. lay down and put your hands over your head.”

Now the idea of being tied up was arousing to me but I was a little scared about letting someone I hardly knew have that much control over me, even if she were beautiful and sexy. Especially when I really didn’t know her that well.

“Come on. Come on. I don’t have all night.” she prodded.

“I don’t know about this. I don’t think I want to be tied up.” I said.

“What’s wrong? Don’t you trust me?” she asked with some sarcasm.

“No it’s not that it’s just that I’m not sure…” I said.

Before I could finish she said “Look. We had a bet and you lost. Now you’re going to have to pay up. But don’t worry I promise not to hurt you.” and she looked at me with her big green eyes and a slight pout on her face.

“Alright.” I said and lay back and put my hands over my head.

“Good.” Andrea said with a big smile and sat over me.

She tied my hands to the corners of the bed. They were tied tight, but not so as to cut off the circulation. Andrea took a pillow and put it under my head and asked if I were comfortable. I told her I was and was actually enjoying the feeling. She looked very happy and gave me a deep kiss as she ran her hands over my body. Suddenly she stopped and said that she had to finish tying me. With that she moved to the end of the bed and took another piece of the cloth in her hand.

“What do you mean finish tying me? I’m already tied up.” I said a little worried.

“I have to tie your legs so that your completely helpless.” she said rather sweetly as she wrapped one of the pieces of cloth around my left ankle. She tied this to the corner of the bed as she had done to my hands. I only had one leg free now and was nearly helpless as she wanted me. I was scared but also extremely turned on at the thought of being tied naked and spread-eagle on the bed. She moved over to my other ankle and tied the cloth around it and pulled to the other corner of the bed. Andrea looked up at me as she tied the final knot in the cloth.

“O.K. That’s more like it. Now we can have some real fun.” she said and sat down between my spread legs.

“Now where was I?” she asked with raised eyebrows.

“Oh yeah. I remember.” and she got on her knees and lowered her head to my crotch.

Andrea stuck out her tongue and licked the length of my throbbing cock. When she got to the tip she gave it a long kiss right under the crown. I could barely keep my eyes open. I wanted to just put my head back and enjoy the warm feeling of her tongue but I wanted to see her take me in her mouth and suck me. I kept my eyes on her as she raised her head and then lowered it slowly. I could hardly stand the anticipation of what her mouth as going to feel like around my cock. But to my surprise instead of taking me in her mouth she moved lower and started kissing my thigh.

“Mmmm.” I moaned with frustration “I need to feel your mouth on my cock.” I said trying to let her know how badly I wanted it.

“All in good time.” she said and continued kissing and licking my thigh.

I wanted her to suck me so badly but her mouth was still feeling pretty good on my thighs. I imagined what she must be able to do when she gives head if she could make me feel this good just by kissing my thighs. She moved from one thigh to the other as she moved down my legs. She still had her panties on and I was still wondering what her pussy looked like. Andrea kissed her way down to my feet and then started to work her way back up. This time as she moved she alternated her soft kisses with playful bites. This contrast in feeling was making me crazy and I couldn’t wait until she got to my dick. She moved her mouth up my thighs and ran her hands over my belly and all around my cock but never touched it. Her hands ran through my pubic hair and around each side of the base of my cock and then down around my scrotum until they met under my balls. Her kisses and bites were getting closer and closer to my cock. I could feel my balls tightening in anticipation of her mouth on my cock and I knew that I wouldn’t last for a minute but I didn’t care.

I needed to cum so badly that I didn’t care what happened as long as I got to cum. When she reached my balls she kissed them and then gave the sack a very light nip with her teeth, not enough to really call it a bite but just enough so that I felt it. She moved up and let her tongue slide up the length of my erection. When she got to the tip she first kissed it under the rim again and then gave the head a very light bite as she had my balls. My mind was going blank. The only thing that I could think of was the feeling of her mouth on my cock. I don’t think I could have told you my own name at that point in time. All my attention was focused on her mouth and my aching cock. My mind was spinning and my heart raced from the excitement of her touch. When she didn’t take me in her mouth I almost cried with disappointment.

“Hey, wait. What are you doing? I need to feel you on me.” I said trying not to sound too desperate.

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