Club Med, Bora Bora – Part 2

She started with my feet and slowly worked her way up to my thighs. She spread my legs further and moved up between them further. Feeling her hands on my thighs was so exciting. She did the outsides first and then the insides. On more than one occasion she let her hand trail between my legs causing a ticklish yet exciting sensation. Again when she reached my suit again she didn’t even pause, but slid her hand up and under the edge of the leg. I let out a sigh as she had her hand under my suit and massaged the oil onto my ass. She brought her hand down while keeping it inside the suit and I felt her fingers brush against my balls. The sudden unexpected feeling of her fingers on my balls made my inhale sharply. She did this a few times and I was afraid I was going to cum right there when she suddenly stood up and said.

“O.K. All done.” And sat down next to me.

“You can do me now.” She said matter of factly.

All I could think of was how much I would love to “do her”. I wanted her so bad.

She was on her stomach next to me. The tiny fluorescent strings of her bikini were in sharp contrast to her tanned skin. Her body looked incredible there on the sand. Her back and shoulders were smooth and sexy with just the right amount of muscle to give her great form. Her back narrowed to a small waist which then gave way to round hips. And her ass was perfect. It was small and round and firm. The g-string of her bikini came up between two perfectly shaped cheeks. Her thighs were smooth and shapely as they slimmed to her calves and tiny feet. But it was her ass that I couldn’t take my eyes off. I must have been standing there with my mouth open just staring at her because she turned her head and said “Do you like my bikini?”

It took me a second to collect my thoughts enough to answer “Yes” was all I could say.

She looked at me, smiled and said “I can tell.” As she moved her gaze to my bulge.

“Are you going to do me?” She asked again.

“Oh, yeah, sorry. Just thinking.” I mumbled, thinking again how much I really wanted to “do her”.

Before I even started to put the oil on her she said “Would you untie my top. I don’t want to have any tan lines.”

My heart was beating fast as I first untied the top knot around her neck and then the knot around her back.

I put some oil in my hands and started to rub it on her shoulders and neck.

“Mmmmmm. That feel good.” She said “You have a nice touch.”

I picked up the bottle of oil and squirted it right on her back. I slowly worked on her back and moved my way down.

“Aren’t you going to get my sides?” Andrea asked.

“O.K., Sure , if you want.” I said.

Starting at her shoulders I applied the oil to her sides with firm strokes. Andrea moaned again and said how good it felt. I let my hands slip down her sides to the point that I was rubbing the oil into the sides of her tits. The sides of her boobs were clearly visible as she lied on her stomach. They were large and firm yet so soft to the touch that I spent lots of time making sure I covered every spot. Once when I had my hands way down on her breasts she commented on how good my hands felt. Finally I moved away from her tits and slid my hands lower to her small waist and taunt sides. I again couldn’t keep my eyes off her ass as I worked on her lower back. I couldn’t believe how good her bare ass looked with the string between her cheeks as she lied there in the sand.

There wasn’t a tan line anywhere on her perfect ass. I paused just for a second before applying more oil to my hands and putting my hands on her ass. I was in heaven. Her little ass was so round and tight and so firm I just had to grab a cheek in each hand and give them a squeeze. When I did this she turned her head and lifted her chest off the towel and looked back at me with a smile. With her chest lifted off the towel her right tit was completely visible to me from the side. I momentarily forget that I had my hands on the best ass I’ve ever seen as I stared at her tit. It was hanging in front of her but had hardly any sag and I got a quick glimpse of her little nip before she looked me in the eyes and lay back down. I didn’t want to take my hands off her ass and let my hands roam lower and lower on those firm cheeks. I brought my hands between her thighs and massaged the tops of her thighs. Then I let my fingers trail up between her buns.

“Don’t want you to burn now do we?” I asked with a big grin.

“Not there that’s sure.” She said and she let out a low moan that let me know that she liked what I was doing.

I slid my fingers up and down her ass and between her thighs and cheeks for a few minutes. I decided to get a little more forward and when I had my hands between her thighs I slid my fingers up until they were brushing against the thin fabric covering her pussy. I let my fingers stay there and slipped my fingers up and down a couple of times before moving back to her ass. Finally I slowly moved down her shapely thighs and calves to massage her feet. I took a lot of time massaging the soles and arches of her feet. I took each toe in my hand and gave it a firm yet gentle massage.

Standing up I reluctantly said “There, all done.”

“Thanks. That was a great job.” Andrea said.

I lay back down on my stomach next to her and propped myself up on my elbows so that I could look at her as I asked her if she would like a drink.

“Yeah a drink would be great.” She responded I looked up and over toward the bar. The waitress was there and I motioned to her. When she arrived I ordered the drinks but Andrea told her to put them on her tab.

“Thanks. I hope you’re not trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me.” I joked.

“What if I were?” Andrea said and propped up on her elbows too. When she did this I got another good look at the side of her firm breast again.

“Well, if that’s your intention I can save you the money.” I said with a chuckle now feeling more comfortable with her.

“Oh really?” She said quizzically and took a drink.

We lay there for some time and talked. She told me about herself and I told her about myself. She was 27 and had been working for the airlines for the last four years. We were really having a nice talk and seemed to have a lot in common. She really had a great sense of humor and was very intelligent. She said that she had gone to college in the west and traveled Europe after her senior year. Traveling alone she visited most of the countries of Europe during the three months she was there. When I told her that I had studied in Europe for four months during my senior year we had some wonderful stories to share.

Suddenly Andrea sat up with her left side toward me and I almost dropped my drink as I got a quick view of her breasts jiggling free before she placed the small top over her dark nipples.

“Would you tie these for me?” She asked as she slid over toward me with her hands holding the triangles on her breasts.

I took the strings in my nervous hands and struggled for a minute before I got both knots tied.

“How about a swim to cool off?” She said and started toward the water without waiting for a response.

I got up and carefully ran after her. The sight of her as she jogged toward the water was exquisite. She looked like she was completely naked from a distance because the strings were so narrow. Her ass jiggled as her muscles flexed with every step from her gorgeous legs.

She reached the water before me but when I came up beside her I could see her boobs bounce in time with her stride. When we got to about waist deep in the water she turned and gave me a playful but strong shove. She knocked me off balance and I went face first into the water.

When I came up from under the water she was standing next to me laughing so hard her breasts rose and fell with every breath. The water was just up to the level of my balls but it was up to nearly her waist so I couldn’t see the bottom of her bikini.

She was still laughing as she apologized to me and asked if I was O.K.

“Yeah sure. First you run me off the path and now you shove me and try to drown me.” I said sarcastically.

She just smiled at me sweetly and said “Well well well. What do we have here? It looks like you’re not in too much pain.” She was looking at my now wet suit.

I looked down at the tight suit and realized that my hard cock and balls were clearly visible through the wet yellow material.

I could feel myself turning red as she continued to stare at my dick. I had to do something to divert her attention so I said “Well lets see how you look all wet.” And I wrapped my arms around her and we both fell under the water.

When we stood again she was a few feet from me and I could see that her suit was just as transparent when wet and her small nipples were erect and showing through the material.

“Well well well. It looks like you might have a bit of a chill. Is the water cold?” I asked with a huge smile and staring at her dark areolas and hard nipples which were poking through her top.

“No I’m not cold, just thinking.” She said with a grin.

“Aw, it looks like you’re a little wet.” I said teasingly.

“If you think this is wet, you should see the bottom.”

“I’d love to” I said and dove under the water.

I swam over to her under the water and came up right next to her and said. “I guess you’re right. The bottom looks even wetter.”

She smiled and in a flash dropped to her knees and said “Well I guess I deserve a better look at you too then.” And grabbed my suit and pulled it down to my knees in one quick motion.

I was surprise and tried to move away from her but the suit around my knees made me lose my balance and I fell over. Andrea took advantage of this and with my feet off the ground she slipped the suit completely off.

She was obviously very pleased with herself and started howling with laughter again.

“Did you lose something?” She said barely able to control herself.

I fell to my knees trying to keep my hard dick below the water. I was so turned on I couldn’t believe it. The feeling of being naked in front of her and the cool water on my naked cock and balls had me extremely turned on.

“What’s the matter, can’t stand up? If you want this you’ll have to come and get it.” She said.

“Mmmm, nice.” She said and moved a little closer to me to get a better look “Gotta catch me if you want this.”

I dove at her and caught the top of her bikini with my outstretched fingers just as she slipped out of reach. I must not have tied the knots very well because when I surfaced from the water I had the top in my hand. Andrea was about 10 feet away and stood facing me. Her breasts were magnificent. Not a tan line on them either and her small dark nipples stood at attention. They looked perfect as she stood there, large and firm without a flaw anywhere and just the very slightest sag to them.

She was still staring at me and smiling “Guess you missed.” She said “Am I too much for you?”

Kneeling again and staring at her tits with my cock throbbing with my pulse I said “I don’t think so. You’re in for it when I catch you.” I said playfully.

“Oooo I’m scared now.” And she started to laugh.

I made a dash for her before she could react. She wasn’t ready for me and before she could turn and run, I lunged the last few feet and caught her around the waist this time. I grabbed the string on her right hip that held her g-string in place and pulled her bottom off. I then tried to grab my suit from her hand.

“Hey!” She yelled and threw my suit way out into the deeper water.

Taking her cue I did the same with her suit. We looked at each other and started to laugh again. I still couldn’t see her pussy because it was below the water but her boobs were bouncing with her laughter and her nipples were very hard and wrinkled as they pointed at me. Kneeling I was almost as tall as her. We looked in to each other’s eyes and she walked over to me. She put her arms around my neck and brought her mouth to mine and kissed me deeply. She opened her mouth and slipped her warm, wet tongue inside mine. She was a fantastic kisser. Her tongue snaking around inside my mouth, her lips pressed to mine. Her breasts were against my chest and I could feel her hard nipples on my skin. My cock was pressed between us and the friction from her pressing against me had me about ready to cum. I ran my hands over her back and down to her ass that was still slick from the oil. We stood there for a while with her hanging on to me, kissing me and I was kneading her ass. Finally I realized that she was intentionally shifting her weight back and forth to rub her body against my dick. The feeling of my cock being pressed between our two oil slicked bodies made me want to cum so badly I started to moan and said “If you keep that up much more you’re going to drive me crazy.”

“Well we can’t have that.” She said with a smirk and released herself from me.

“You little tease!” I said with mock indignation and smiled at her.

“Good thing I stopped huh? Wouldn’t want you to go crazy.” Andrea asked with a grin.

“Oh yeah, great.” I said “Do you know how hot you’ve had me ever since I saw you on the plain?”

“Yeah.” She said rather matter of factly “I love teasing. It makes the tension and need for satisfaction so high that when you finally get it the feeling is incredible. Don’t you think?”

“Well sure as long as there is the release at some point.” I said, still staring at her and trying in vain to see her pussy which was still below the water.

“I sure hope there is going to be the satisfaction in this case.” I said “I hope I don’t have to take things in my own hands, so to speak.”

“You never know.” She replied “Now what are we going to do about our suits?”

We found my suit and the bottom to hers floating in the water a few yards away, but the top must have sunk or floated away. Andrea didn’t care at all that she didn’t have the top to her bikini.

“I need to get some more sun on my boobs anyway. I hate tan lines.” She remarked She took the bottom and stepped into it and then tied the ends of the string on her round hip.

“I’m getting out. Are you coming too?” She said and put her hand under the water and on my dick and gave a few strokes then headed to the shore with her boobs swaying free.

I stood there for a second and watched her. She stopped and turned to me.

“Are you coming? I mean, are you getting out?”

“I guess so.” I said and looked toward the shore.

There were a few people on the beach and the waitress was still running around delivering drinks. To the left of our stuff about twenty feet there were a couple of women who looked to be in about their mid-thirties. One of them was topless and the other one wore a polkadot bikini. Closer to the water and to the right of our spot was another young couple who looked about twenty years old. She had on a modest two-piece bikini and he wore boxer style shorts. To the right of them and back aways were three women who looked to be in their early twenties. All three of these women were topless and had great bodies. Seeing these young sexy women watching me walk onto the beach with my cock visible through the suit did nothing to alleviate the throbbing. Now walking around in front of beautiful women is not necessarily something I mind doing, however really didn’t know that the suit would be so transparent when it got wet. At least being a clothes optional beach I wasn’t going to get arrested, but I hadn’t exactly planned on showing this much.

Andrea had already turned and was walking onto the beach with her tits bouncing and nipples visible for everyone to see as if nothing were out of the ordinary. I turned and followed her lead. As I got to about twenty feet from the shore I noticed the women to the left. They were staring at me and their eyes moved down to the see-thru suit as I got closer. The woman from the couple to the right was also staring and smiling but the guy was pretending he didn’t see me, which was alright with me. I walked onto the beach and looked to the right. The three women there were all smiling and talking to each other as I walked onto the sand. Andrea had called the waitress over and was ordering another drink. The waitress stayed there as I approached and I saw her look at me and then back to Andrea and say something and nod her head.

“Would you like a drink?” She asked.

“Yes. A screwdriver, a double.” I said as I sat down. My dick was pointing straight up to my stomach and my nuts were tight against my body.

She took one more quick look at my cock and turned to get the drink. I looked for something to cover-up with but the only towel I had I was sitting on. Andrea was watching me with an amused look and seemed quite comfortable sitting there topless.

I decided to try and act natural and lay back and relax. When I did my cock pulled the material even tighter. I looked over at Andrea and said “Are you having fun?”

“I sure am. I love it. And by the looks of thing so do you.” She said.

“You have me so horny I could go for it right here.” I said.

“Not yet. The day is still young. Besides I’m enjoying the view.” Looking at my throbbing erection she said.

“You really think you’re pretty funny don’t you?” I said to her.

“Yep” She answered.

Andrea looked at her watch and told me it was only 3:00. And the sun was still high in the sky.

“Now you really better let me put some oil on your chest if you don’t want to burn.” She said looking at my cock.

I lay back and she stood up and then put one foot on either side of me and sat down. She sat down right on my throbbing cock. I could feel the head pressing into her pussy and the shaft was nestled firmly between her buns. I had to use all my will to not start moving my hips to increase the sensation and relieve the aching in my balls. She poured some oil on her hands and bent over to put it on my chest. Her breasts were hanging and swaying with her movements as she massaged my chest. She moved her hips up and down the length of my hard dick a few times and had me about ready to cream in my suit. Then she slid back a little so that she had her ass on my thighs and her pussy was just touching my balls through the suit. Andrea ran her hands over my sides and the ticklish feeling of her hands on my ribs made me laugh.

“I’m sorry. I forgot you said you were ticklish.” She said. Her hands then moved down to my belly and she ran her fingers over the muscles of my abs. She ran her fingers all over my stomach slowly moving lower and lower. The slippery feeling of her hands on my stomach and the sight of her boobs jiggling was driving me crazy. She slid further down my thighs and worked her hand right down to the edge of my suit. I thought for a second of her hand slipping inside the front of my suit. I knew that I wouldn’t last a minute if she touched my dick.

“I think I better do this part.” I said.

“O.K. But make sure you get under the edges so your tan is even.” She said and handed me the oil with a smirk on her face.

I was not about to let her think she had me so hot that I couldn’t stand it, although I was. So I took the oil from her and squirted some into my hand. My heart was pounding and my hands were shaking. Andrea looked at me with a look of triumph on her face. I couldn’t let her win. I lowered my shaking hand to the edge of the suit and slid my fingers under. My oily fingertips felt so good and I was so hot that I was afraid I might cum from my own hand.

“Make sure you get the sides too.” Andrea prodded.

I tried to ignore her as I removed my hand and slid it up and under the leg opening. I had almost forgotten where I was I needed to cum so badly. I had closed my eyes and slipped my hand down to my balls when I heard the waitress next to me. I opened my eyes and she was standing right above me watching my hand move up and down inside my suit as my fingers brushed my balls. I moved my hand away so quickly that I hit the bottle of oil with my hand and sent it flying.

“I was… um… uh… just uh… uhhh…” I tried to say. I could feel the blood rush to my face and I knew I was bright red.

She looked for another second at the bulge in my suit and then said “Here are your drinks.”

She put the drinks on the table and looked at me again and then back to Andrea. I was more embarrassed than I can ever remember in my life, but I was incredibly hard. She said something to Andrea and they chuckled and then she left.

I took my drink and drank it down in one swallow. Then I looked at Andrea.

“You couldn’t tell me she was coming over could you?” I said still embarrassed.

“No. I was enjoying the show and I didn’t see Tanya coming over.” She said innocently.

“Tanya. You know her?!” I asked.

“Oh yeah. Like I said, I got here last week. I met her then and we’ve gone out a couple of times since.” She answered.

I decided to try to make the best of the situation lay back to try to enjoy the sun. Actually the feeling of the sun on my body was very sensual. Andrea had lay down too and had her head turned toward me as she spoke.

“Well, what do you think we should do the rest of the day?”

“I can think of a few things that I would like to do.” I said.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” She said with raised eyebrows.

“I’d like to take you back to my room and take advantage of you.” I said.

“I don’t think you could handle it, besides it would be the other way around, because I’d be too much for you.” Andrea replied.

“Maybe. But I’d like to try.” I answered.

“You might get the chance later. If you’re good.” She responded.

We continued to talk for some time and she made sure to reach over and touch me or move around enough to make her boobs bounce every now and then to keep my dick hard. I was so horny from sitting there with my now oiled balls caressed by the tight suit and seeing Andrea’s naked breasts and hard nipples right in front of me. It was a rather hot day and as we talked we were both sweating quite a bit. The sweat collected on her chest and then ran in little drops down her breasts and finally formed little drops on her nipples before falling off. I was mesmerized. The sweat also formed on my chest and ran down through the thin hair until it ran into my suit keeping it wet and see thru. Finally about an hour later she said “Lets go jet skiing.”

We walked over to the rental place about a hundred yards down the beach. Andrea’s tits and firm ass jiggled all the way as we walked. Although I was as horny as I had ever been in my life I was starting to relax a little. I wanted to rent one that we could both ride on but Andrea insisted that we each get our own since she said that she had never ridden one and wanted to drive one. We some wave-runners and headed out into the water.

“Isn’t this great?” I asked Andrea as we rode side by side.

“Great. But why are we going so slow?” She said and then sped away.

I have ridden this kind a few times before so I felt pretty comfortable on the machine so I gave it all the throttle there was and raced after her. I caught her quickly and then sped right by waving to her as I went. Andrea immediately floored hers and chased after me. I slowed down to let her catch up to me. As I watched her approach me I could see her breasts bouncing as the jet ski bounced over the waves. She pulled up alongside of me and we rode together around the island. At the end of the island is a spot that is very shallow and filled with all sort of coral and exotic fish. We drove around slowly and talked as we looked at the marine life under the water.

“So, what should we do tonight?” She asked me.

“I think I should make you pay for all this teasing.” I said.

“Oh come on. You know you love it.” She said “Look, you’re getting hard again by just thinking about it.”

Sure enough I could feel my dick rising as she watched.

“Yeah but still…you don’t want to make me crazy do you?” I asked “Didn’t your mother ever tell you it’s not nice to tease?”

“But I like seeing you hard. It makes me horny.” She said.

“I’d love to help you with that little problem.” I said “Lets head back and I’ll see what I can do.”

“But don’t you like the build-up, the tension, the excitement?” She asked.

“Well yes but…I really need to have some relief, if you know what I mean.” I answered.

“I’ll tell you what. I’ll race you back. If you win I’ll let you ‘have your way with me’. If I win you take me out to dinner. How’s that?” Andrea looked at me and said.

I hadn’t told her that I had ridden these before and wasn’t about to tell her that. If she thought that she could beat me when she had never even ridden one before that was O.K. With me. It isn’t that they are very difficult to ride it’s that they just require a little practice before you know exactly how to control one.

“Why don’t we make it a little more interesting?” I said “How about if the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for the rest of the day?”

“Whatever the winner wants?” She said hesitantly “O.K. But why not make it even better? Lets say that the loser has to do whatever the winner wants for the rest of the week?” She answered as she raised the ante.

“Whatever the winner wants. No matter what.” I said making sure I was going get some satisfaction after I won the race.

“No matter what.” She agreed.

We agreed that the winner would be the first to reach the towels after parking the jet ski on the beach. We lined up and decided to go on the count of three.

“One…two…three” we said in unison as we both floored the machines. We were side by side for only a few seconds and then as we entered the deeper water again the waves started getting bigger. I kept my jet ski at full throttle and pulled away from her. There was no way I was letting up after the teasing I had endured all day. I looked back and Andrea was about a hundred yards behind me. I kept the throttle going. About a quarter of a mile from the beach I looked back and saw Andrea. She must have been 200 yard behind me and she was stopped in the water. There was no way I could lose now, she’d never catch me from that far back. I slowed and looked back again. She was just floating with the current. She must have run out of gas.

‘Ha!’ I thought to myself. ‘I’m gonna win. I’m gonna win.’ And even better than that ‘I’m gonna get-off. I’m gonna get-off’.

I slowed to a stop and looked at her. Since I couldn’t leave her there I turned around and headed for her as I thought of what I was going to have her do when we got back to my room. First I think I’ll ask her to give me a blow-job, just to take the edge off. Then maybe I’ll just lay back and have her ride my hard cock for a while before we fucked doggy-style.

“Guess it looks like you lose.” I said in triumph as I approached her. She was lying back on the jet ski and had her hand inside bikini bottom. I could see her hand moving in circles as her finger tips were inside her bikini bottom playing with her pussy. She had her eyes closed and a dreamy look on her face. Her nipples were hard and her breasts rose and fell with her breathing. I could feel my dick throbbing again. I think it is the sexiest thing to see a woman pleasing herself.

“Would you like some help with that?” I asked as I faced her.

“No. I just had to do that to relieve a little tension. The vibrations between my legs from the engine were driving me crazy and it was getting difficult to drive. I couldn’t stand it anymore.” Andrea said.

“Well it looks like since you stopped to take care of your needs when we get back to my room you’ll have to take care of mine next.” I said with a grin.

She sat up and looked at me with those sexy green eyes and said “I’d love to. If you win the race that is.” And she sped off.

I was in shock. I’d been tricked into stopping. I tried to process the idea in my mind for a second and then gave the jet ski all the gas there was and spun around. Andrea was already up to the point where I had turned around and was speeding toward the shore. “Shit!” I thought as I raced after her.

I was gaining ground but I didn’t think I had enough time to catch her before she reached the beach. I lowered my head and used my legs to absorb the shock of the jet ski as I skipped across the waves. Andrea had slowed down as she approached the beach. I decided to go in as fast as I dared and thought that if I could drive the jet ski right up on the beach and jump off I might be able to beat her to the towels. I was gaining fast but Andrea was already getting off her machine and jogging toward the towels. She still had about a hundred feet to go when I flew up on to the and. She looked back when she heard me hit the beach. Andrea saw how close I was and started to run towards the towels. I had about 40 feet to make up and ran as fast as I could with my sore ankle. My longer strides were bringing me closer but she was too close to the towels and I couldn’t catch her before she dove onto her towel. I caught her just a few seconds later.

“That’s… not… fair… I won… I… just… stopped to… come…. get you…” I panted.

“No way… I won…… I beat… you here…… It’s not…… my fault…… you…… stopped…” She said between breaths.

I collapsed on my towel and lied there to catch my breath.

Andrea looked over at me after a minute and said “I guess it looks like I win. Now what should I have you do?”

“You can’t be serious. I had you beat. I just came back to help you.” I said.

“Our deal was that the first one to the towels could have the loser do whatever they wanted for the rest of the week. I got here first, so I win.” She said with a smile “You’re not going to back out now just because you got beat by a woman are you?”

I looked at her for a second and contemplated what to say next when she said “Like they say ‘All’s fair in love and war.’ And this was war. I don’t like to lose. But I can tell you don’t either.” She said looking at my shriveled dick.

I looked down and saw that it had shrunk smaller than it had been in two days thanks to her teasing.

“Besides is the thought of being my slave for the next few days so bad?” She asked “Who knows. You may even like it.”

I thought about what I was going to have her do if I had won and wondered if she had the same kinds of ideas.

Andrea looked at me and smiled “Well. I guess the idea isn’t so bad after all.”

She was looking at my cock through the suit which was steadily rising to full length. Actually the idea of being her slave for the rest of the week was something that I would probably have agreed to even had I not lost the bet. Now this is not to say that I am into any kind of S&M because I’m not. But I do like a little light bondage now and then, and the thought of being used, hopefully as a sex slave, by a beautiful sexy woman is very exciting to me.

I really enjoy the tease and excitement that can be a part of a situation such as that. I like the feeling of not being in control and having a woman take responsibility and action for her own pleasure. As I thought of all the possible things that she might want to do to me or have me do to her I was really getting excited.

“I guess you’re right. I guess I wouldn’t mind being your slave for the rest of the week as long as things don’t get out of hand.” I said.

“Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you. I’m not into that. But with that in mind you have to agree to do whatever I say. This is your last chance to back out.” Andrea said.

“No. You won, I’ll do whatever you want.” I said and I could feel my heart quickening.

“Good. The first thing I want you to do is buy me some dinner. I’m starved. Lets go.” She said getting up.

“Where are we going?”

“To a restaurant on the other end of the island.” Andrea answered “But first I think we should get cleaned up. Lets go back to your room first and I’ll wait for you. Then we can go to my room and I’ll change.

We picked up our stuff and headed for my room. I followed Andrea and the sight of her walking in front of me with her ass wiggling and her boobs jiggling gave me a very stiff cock. Andrea turned back and waited for me to catch up and we walked together toward my room. When we got to my room Andrea sat on the bed while I went into the bathroom to shower. I went in and closed the door and started the shower. After a minute Andrea walked in and said that she didn’t want me in there alone because she didn’t trust me to not masturbate when she couldn’t see me. She said that another thing that she wanted was that I was not allowed to cum unless she said I could. So she stood there looking at me as I showered. This was the first time she had actually seem me naked because in the water earlier I was careful to keep everything under the water. But here there was nowhere to hide so I turned casually to the side to try and hide my erection.

“No way. Turn around. I want to see you.” She said. I turned to face her and my cock was hard and bobbing with the pounding of my heart. It was very exciting to be standing there naked in front of her.

After a minute Andrea said “Better make sure you have all the oil off your little friend. Make sure you use lots of soap.” I squirted more of the liquid soap into my hands and worked up a good lather.

“Come on.” Andrea said “Get cleaned up I’m hungry.”

I slowly lowered my hands and started by washing all around my genitals without touching them. I’m very sensitive down there and having her stare at me as my hands occasionally grazed my dick or balls had me on the edge. I moved my hand up and wrapped it around my cock. Slowly I slid my hand up and down the length. I did this a few times and then moved to my balls. I gently massaged them and let then roll around between my fingers.

“O.K. Rinse-off. And use the shower head.” Andrea said.

Well I sure knew how to do that from experience. I set the spray to pulse again and aimed it at my chest. I moved the pulsing water down to my erection and let it hit me right on the tip of my cock. The water pulsing on me felt so good and I moved it slowly down the length as I had done earlier. I had almost forgotten that Andrea was there watching me and was starting to enjoy the feeling when she said.

“That’s enough. You’re not allowed to cum yet, as much as I’d like to see that it will have to wait for later. You look like you’ve done that before. Or are you just so hot for me that you got carried away?”

I was shocked by her voice and didn’t answer her. I was very embarrassed by being seen jerking-off and wondered what she meant about waiting for later. I got out of the shower and she watched me dry off and then we went back into the bedroom. I started to get some clothes out of the suitcase when she said.

“I think I should pick out your clothes for tonight.” With that she told me to wait on the bed while she picked something. After a few minutes of rummaging around thru all my stuff she handed me some clothes.

“Here, wear these.” She said handing me some clothes.

She handed me a pair of thin, baggy shorts and a t-shirt but no underwear. I looked at her and said “Aren’t you forgetting something?”

“No. I want to be able to see you jiggling around all night.” She said.

I put on the clothes and we headed for her room so that she could change. She walked in front of me as she lead the way. The sight of her ass wiggling as she walked had my eyes transfixed. It also kept me hard.

Once in her room she told me to wait for while she took a shower. She went into the bathroom and didn’t close the door but did turned her back when she untied the bikini bottom. When she removed the string from between her cheeks she did it very slowly and looked over her shoulder at me and I got a quick glimpse of her breast. Although I couldn’t see any more of her even with the bikini now off, it was somehow very exciting to know that she was now completely naked. Even her butt looked better. She kept her back to me as she turned on the shower. The water must have been fairly hot because soon there was a cloud of steam flowing out of the shower and fogging the glass. She stepped in and closed the shower door.

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