A Father-Daughter Thing

Tony wasn’t looking forward to the weekend, or the week that followed come to that. His wife Jo had gone to visit her mother and she would be away that long, leaving him with all the housework, cooking and running his daughter to school and all the activities that she busied herself with.

Oh well, it could be worse he supposed. His daughter Jill was fun to be with, full of the enthusiasms of the average sixteen-year-old. She and he had always been close ever since she was born. He remembered wistfully the hours he used to pace up and down in the middle of the night when she was a baby, patting her back to get up the wind that had woken her and started her screaming, changing her nappies and bathing her. All the messy jobs that Jo reckoned were his contribution to the upbringing of their only child. But it hadn’t always been as tiresome as that. He smiled gently as he recalled the wonderful sunny days when they went to play in the park or the woods, playing Little Red Riding Hood with him as the Big Bad Wolf out to catch her, growling fiercely as she ran shrieking with delight away from him to hide behind the nearest tree.

No, it hadn’t been bad at all. In fact, he couldn’t imagine life without his little Jilly, her smiles and her tears. They were as close as father and daughter could be. Yes, perhaps this next week wouldn’t be too bad after all.

Satisfied with this little bit of rationalization, Tony sat back in the car with the engine running and waited for his daughter to come out of the house and join him. He was used to waiting for Jill now. Young girls always seemed to require four times as much time as anyone else to get ready for anything, checking that their clothes were just right for the occasion, that the newly permitted blusher was just so – not too much, but not so little that people wouldn’t notice that she was a big girl now and using it. Shame about the bloody braces on her teeth though. Still, she needed them if she was to straighten out those front teeth of hers, and they gave her a certain appeal once you grew used to them.

Finally a whirlwind erupted out of the house, slamming the door behind her as she ran down the drive. Tony felt a glow of pride as he watched his daughter run towards him. There was no doubt about it but she was blossoming into a beautiful young woman. Her ballet tights set off her slim legs which merged gently into her developing hips. The firm outline of her young breasts just starting to swell under the tight vest drew the eye up to her swan neck, accentuated by the severely pulled back dark brown hair drawn up into a small bun perched on the top of her head in typical ballet fashion.

“Come on then Daddy, we’ll be late!” She said with all the studied logic of women who had kept men waiting since the beginning of time, and grinned impishly up at him as she flung her bag into the back seat and fussed around with the seat belt.

“Miss Jones will kill me if I’m late again.”

Tony smiled to himself as he let the gear in and started to drive off. Yes, she was certainly growing up!

Ballet class was one of Jo’s passions and she normally took Jill to it every week. However, Tony thought to himself as he watched the class warming up, it didn’t seem too much of a chore. In fact, he found that he quite enjoyed looking at all the young girls stretching and pirouetting in front of him as he sat with all the mums along the side of the hall. Where else could a man go and legitimately gaze at plump little girls parading up and down in next to nothing? Even at the swimming pool it was considered impolite to stare at little girls, but here it was expected and, indeed, encouraged. Yes, he could quite get to like this job. Perhaps he would suggest to Jo that he relieve her from time to time. Certainly he would need some ‘relief’ after this morning. That girl over there, for example, didn’t she have the most deliciously pointed little tits?

But there was no doubt about it, his Jilly had the finest figure of all. In his eyes she stood out from the crowd like a rose in a bed of daisies. As he watched her move gracefully among the other rather ungainly girls he guiltily realized that he was beginning to get a hard on. Crossing his legs, he surreptitiously looked around to see if anyone had noticed the growing bulge in his trousers. Then, satisfied that no-one had, he returned his concentration to the front in time to see Jilly slowly turning in front of him, her arms gracefully held high over her head. She was up on her points and her toes made rapid little movements as she maintained her balance during the turn. These staccato little steps vibrated up her legs and caused her glowing young flesh to quiver, ever so slightly, but deliciously. The urge to take his now rock-hard cock out and masturbate was overpowering, but Tony maintained an impassive pose of half bored nonchalance. ‘My god! He thought to himself, what am I thinking of? That’s my daughter out there, not just any girl.’

He’d never looked at his daughter in this way before, and he felt a wash of furtive guiltiness rush through him. He felt as if every eye in the room was on him as he sat there looking at her, desiring her. He mentally shook himself and forced his eyes away, concentrating instead on a particularly sallow young man practicing ballet positions at the back of the hall. That did it. Tony felt his cock subsiding and he gradually felt back in command of himself. He managed to stay that way for the rest of the hour until Jill rushed up to him, glowing from her exertion, and told him that class was over and it was time to get home.

That afternoon they both went out to do the shopping in the nearby town. Jill chattered incessantly, hanging onto his arm and pulling him from one clothes shop to another. “Can I get some makeup please Daddy?” She pleaded. “Mummy wouldn’t mind, I know she wouldn’t” Tony knew that Jo had definite ideas about her daughter and makeup and permitted only the minimum basics. “There’ll be time enough for all that later when she’s older,” she would say. But Jo was away at her Mother’s now and Tony thought to himself, ‘Why not, this will be a special Father-Daughter thing that we can do together – our little secret.’

“OK then,” he smiled, “But I don’t share your confidence about your mother’s agreement. If I buy you some makeup it will be our little secret, and you must never use it when she’s around.”

“Oh Daddy!” Jill squealed in delight and squeezed his arm. “I like that even better. It’ll feel so deliciously naughty. I’ll wear it only for you then. Oh I love you Daddy!” With that she dragged him into the store and made a beeline for the cosmetics counter where she immediately got into animated debate with the young assistant there. Tony left them both to it. He didn’t have a clue about makeup, or any other of these female mysteries. There seemed to be much giggling involved in the process, and both girls kept giving him sidelong glances as first this was tried, then that. Finally, a flushed and happy Jill collared her father and proudly showed him a small package – and a bill. His eyes widened a bit when he saw the total, but then he had no idea what these things cost so paid up without a murmur.

“Daddy,” Jill said as they walked away from the counter, “Daddy, can I get just one more thing?”

“Well, OK. What is it darling?”

To his amazement, Jill blushed, then blurted out that she had always wanted some nice feminine underwear instead of the ‘sensible’ things that Jo always got her. Tony laughed. “And that’s something you can wear hidden under your clothes when she’s around, is that it?” Jill nodded and grinned.

“OK, in for a penny in for a pound. If we’re to have a secret it might as well be a good one. Where do we go to get this frilly stuff?”

“Over here,” Jill pulled him along, “The cosmetics assistant told me that they’ve got some lovely things in the next department.”

Once again Tony waited, as most men do, well outside the Ladies’ Underwear department and waited for his daughter to reappear. After half an hour or so Jill emerged with another assistant and an even larger bill. This time the purchase rated one of the store’s flashy bags which Jill proudly displayed with just the right amount of discreet ostentation.

“Right, my girl. It’s high time we got home now, before you spend all my money!” The two of them left the store, Jill clutching her father’s arm and jauntily swinging her ‘valued client’ bag. The groceries were already in the boot of the car from their earlier efforts in the supermarket, so Tony turned the car into the main street and drove off in the direction of their home.

Throughout the journey Jill maintained a firm silence on the contents of her bag, just saying nonchalantly, “You’ll see Daddy. You’ll see.” So Tony contented himself with tuning into Jilly’s favorite pop station and trying to keep up with singing the words of the songs which she, of course, knew off by heart.

Later that evening, after a simple meal which Jill insisted on making ‘romantic’ with candles on the table, Tony sat back and relaxed on the settee in front of the wood fire and watched television whilst his daughter busied herself in the bath and her bedroom, preparing what she mysteriously called her ‘surprise’.

A soft knock sounded on the living room door, and Jill’s muffled voice asked if he was ready. Tony turned to the door to see it slowly open and his daughter walk slowly in, a nervous look on her face. A face transformed into glowing beauty by the careful use of the cosmetics she had bought that day. Not too much, as he had feared, but just enough to accentuate her natural beauty. Her lips shone a gentle pink, her cheekbones were accentuated just enough to hide the residual childish chubbiness, and her blue eyes glowed from the skillful application of eye shadow and eyebrow liner. She looked gorgeous!

She slowly entered the room, her dressing gown swishing as she gently swung her hips, until she stood before him. “I saw you today.” She said softly. “I saw you looking at me in the ballet class.” She quickly licked her lips, and suddenly looked very young and nervous. Then, defiantly, she said, “I saw you getting hard when you watched me Daddy. Did I look nice?”

“You looked gorgeous, Jilly,” Tony husked, hardly believing his ears.

She continued looking nervous. “Even with the braces? I always feel so ugly with those tooth braces.”

“With the braces too, my darling. You were the most beautiful girl in the hall. Anywhere, in fact.”

Jill’s face cleared and a radiant smile transformed her face. “Then here’s what I got today, Daddy. Just for you, because I love you so much.”

With that, she opened her dressing gown an let it slip off her shoulders onto the floor. Tony gasped as he saw his daughter revealed in nothing more than a thin red wisp of semi-transparent lace that cupped her swelling young breasts, leaving the jutting pink nipples proudly exposed above its constraints, and a red garter belt supporting sheer red stockings. Just a garter belt, no panties at all!

An electric silence filled the room as Tony’s eyes slowly moved down his daughter’s body. Down from her beautiful young face to the luscious swell of her developing breasts. Over the taut firmness of her belly to the sensuous lift of her mound lightly dusted with dark brown hair and framed by the garter belt and her thighs. His avid gaze stopped there, transfixed by the deep crevice splitting her mound. Moist pinkness jutted out, caressed by a hint of the thin inner lips of her cunt.

His cock strained at his trousers, painful in its urgency to be released, and his stomach felt hollow as excitement coursed through him. “You’re beautiful, my darling. You’re so beautiful!” He reached up with his hands and she clasped them and pulled him up and to her. Looking down on her uptilted face, he gently stroked her cheek and said, “I love you my darling Jilly.”

“I’ve always loved you Daddy.” She husked, and closed her eyes as her lips hungrily sought his. Mouth clamped to mouth, wide open with lust and tongues frantically exploring each other, father and daughter clung to each other with ever increasing urgency. Tony’s hands moved down her back until they came to the soft swell of her buttocks, then gloriously, voluptuously, caressed each firm young mound, pulling her body harder and closer to him. He felt his rigid cock pressing hard up the length of her flat belly, and the hard bump of her mound grinding on his thigh.

Urgently, they broke apart panting for breath and Jill’s fingers frantically tore at his belt trying to get it undone. Tony pushed her hands away and undid it himself, struggling to undo it and get out of his trousers whilst still kissing her neck. Jill gave up on the shirt fastenings and savagely tore the front open, buttons flying everywhere.

Suddenly he was naked, his skin pressed deliciously against the feminine softness of her flesh, the sharp hard nipples of her breasts on his chest and the warm feel of wetness where she was grinding her cunt against his pushing thigh.

“Daddy, Daddy, Daddy,” she was moaning, her hands exploring him as urgently as his on her. “Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me please, please, please!”

A tiny knot of sanity surfaced in Tony’s mind as he heard her pleas, and he drew back, holding her flushed body by the shoulders. “You know I shouldn’t,” he panted. “You know that we shouldn’t make love to each other. Are you really sure you want us to do this Jilly?”

Jill stopped squirming and stood absolutely still, looking her father direct in the eye. “I’ve never wanted anything so much in my life Daddy. I know it’s supposed to be wrong, and I know that Mummy must never know about this. But I’ve always wanted you to make love to me. I dream of you at night when I touch myself, and I’ve never found anyone who comes anywhere near to what I want as you. Boys just bore me, and just the thought of another man inside me makes me feel sick. I’ve wanted you like this ever since I first knew about and wanted sex. Don’t you want me Daddy?”

He answered his daughter by gently caressing the turgid nipples on her breasts and softly kissing her, bringing a quick nervous gasp from her as the excitement tingled down through her body to her thighs. His hand moved slowly down, over her hip and round to her stomach, down until his fingers found the soft wetness of her cleft. He caressed the length of her slit, finally slipping first one finger then two into the wet, slippery flesh. She gasped as he stroked up the side of her clitoris, then buckled at the knees as he began to rhythmically stroke along its stiffening length.

They both collapsed slowly onto the floor, his finger never once giving up its gentle, insistent stroking. His body thrilled as he felt her small fingers clasp his penis and stroke along its rigid length. “You’re so big Daddy,” she whispered, “Will I be able to get you inside me?”

“There’s only one way to find out Jilly. Lie back and bring your knees up to your chest. That’s it – wide open darling. Wider!”

Her father positioned himself over her, his rampant cock swinging slightly as it jutted out over her belly. He looked down and paused to savor the sight of his delicious daughter spread wide open underneath him, then grasped his cock and guided it between her thighs. Her cunt lips had swollen with excitement and her crevice now gaped half open, revealing the wet inner lips, her stiff little clitoris and a small, dark hole that marked the entrance to her vagina.

“This may hurt a little at first my darling. I’ll try to be as gentle as possible.”

“Thank you Daddy.” She panted. “But please don’t wait any longer. I want you inside me now. I want you to fuck me deep and hard!”

Tony stroked the tip of his cock up and down her crevice, moistening it with her slippery juices. As an extra precaution, he dipped his fingers in her slit and spread the moisture over the length of his shaft until it shone in the dim light and was as slippery as she was inside.

Jill’s eyes were glazed and her breath was coming in short pants as he slipped his glans down so it socketed in the entrance to her vagina. Slowly, with infinite care, he began to push in a little, then out again. In a little more, then out. In a little bit more – he encountered resistance.

The urge to thrust hard was almost overwhelming, but he wanted his daughter to remember her first time with pleasure, not pain. Slowly, gradually, he pressed harder and harder, moving a little in and a little out, carefully stretching her hymen and giving her time to relax. Almost without noticing it, her hymen delicately stretched and finally gave way. Jill gave a sigh of contentment and kissed her father quickly.

The way now clear, Tony pushed firmly and felt his shaft slowly sink into his daughter’s flesh. She keened deep in her throat as he filled her, deeper and deeper. Until finally, with one last firm thrust, his cock filled her cunt and he felt the delicious warmth of her caressing him right up to the root. “Are you OK?” He whispered. She nodded her head wordlessly, but gave him such a look so full of love and adoration that he knew that she would remember this night as one of the happiest of her life.

Slowly then, but with ever increasing urgency, he began to fuck her with deep, long strokes. Harder and harder he rammed into her, her small body shaking with each thrust. Her head began to turn from side to side and her legs pumped in the air as she began to thrust her torso back at him in time to swallow his cock deeper and deeper. A soft keening began deep in her throat, rising to a continuous wail as she grabbed his buttocks and urged ever deeper inside her.

“Fuck me Daddy. Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK me, FUCK me, FUUUCCKKKKK MEEEE!!!” She screamed, beating her small fists on his chest and kicking his buttocks with her heels. Orgasm after orgasm wracked her writhing body as she shook beneath him, impaled on his huge pistoning cock.

The pressure in his balls grew as he watched her begin to pinch and pull her jutting, pink nipples in a frenzy of lust. She was totally delirious now. Her whole world centered on only one thing – her father’s thick ramming cock that felt as if it was growing and growing and growing. Which it was – the pressure built up and up and up until, with a roaring bellow, her father’s penis jerked spasmodically and a flood of cum shot deep inside her belly like a repeating machine gun. Jet after jet came flooding in to fill her virginal cunt. Jill was driven to an intensity of orgasm she didn’t know could be possible. All that mattered in the world was this pulsing, delicious feeling as the overwhelming flood of slippery cum forced itself down her tube past the close-fitting shaft of her father, making her cunt feel looser and bigger than she ever dreamed as the friction disappeared and she felt the warm wetness cascade over her clenching buttocks.

In a frenzy of arousal, Tony continued to ram his meat into his daughter until the cum was beaten up into a white froth that coated her belly and thighs. Finally, after an inchoate madness when he rammed so hard into her that she finally pleaded for him to be gentler, he rolled over onto his back carrying her still impaled so she lay straddled on top of him.

They lay like that for at least ten minutes, gently caressing and kissing. Letting the frenzy in their bodies cool until it was bearable. Finally they rolled apart and Tony’s long, swollen penis slid out of her with an audible sucking sound. She lay for a while on her back, legs wide open and gently fingering her swollen, gaping cunt, spreading his cum lovingly over her belly.

“Oh Daddy!” She suddenly exclaimed in horror. “Just look at my lovely new stockings. They’re all laddered!”

Her father laughed. “Don’t worry my darling. I’ll buy you as many stockings as you like. You’ll see, that’s just one of the good things that will come out of our new Father-Daughter Thing. Now let me show you how to suck cock…”


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